Bali Love – How I met my future wife (2/4)

Then my first trip to South East Asia happened. I went to Bali, together with a very good friend of mine, who was an extreme sex junkie. Together, we brought many hookers to our room and fucked them. Watching each other, and sharing the girls among us. It was a great sex vacation and besides hookers, which we had to pay for, we also succeeded to screw a local girl without paying her. She was not a great beauty, but I got very hard when I saw my friend falling over her. He kissed, undressed, and fucked her. All I had to do was wait till he was finished, to continue fucking her.

We spent a great time together until the day I met my future wife. It was at a barbershop, which was close to our hotel. I was immediately overwhelmed by her beauty, and thought that I would not have a chance with her. However, the barber started talking with me and my friend. He was very open while talking about women. He told us that he could organize girls for us, and of course, we took his bait and kept on talking about girls. My future wife seemed not to be interested in our conversation. She was studying a magazine, and didn’t seem to bother with our haircuts.

Quietly, I asked the barber if he could also arrange the girl in the back, who was reading the magazine. First, he was shocked and said that was his customer, but when he realized my disappointment, he talked to her. I couldn’t understand the language, but it turned out not to be a problem. Everything was as easy and simple as during the entire vacation. He introduced us, we said a few words, and we agreed to meet later this evening. We met, had dinner together, and talked a bit. Then we went to my hotel room, and I fucked her. I waited the entire evening if she would ask for money, but she didn’t. She left quietly after our sex, and left her telephone number. Everything was perfect, and I felt excited about her.

We met again, went out for dinner, and had sex again. For me, this relationship was just perfect. She never asked for money, and even wanted to pay for her food. I never allowed her do that, but I felt great about her offer.

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