Sick Bastard: His true face

“Beer is brought to a hotel room and fucked. See her pictures here.” Listen to: Sick Bastard: His true face I immediately understood. This picture and the ones that followed should show his power over my girlfriend. Those pictures were made for me and the guests of my bar to show us that he is... Continue Reading →

Sick Bastard: Having fun with Vanta

“Khan is ready to serve sex tourist. Check it out!” Listen to: Sick Bastard: Having fun with Vanta They made 85 images. Vanta smoked a cigarette while wearing only her red knicker and red stockings. Sick Bastard was lying naked next to her on our bed. He touched Vanta everywhere while she smoked. Especially his... Continue Reading →

Sick Bastard: Making Porn

Listen to: Sick Bastard: Making Porn The room quickly was filled with excitement and energy. Vanta also took off her white t-shirt and then kneed in front of Daniel on the floor and started to massage his thigh. Sick Bastard continued asking directly ”Does she only suck?”. William rejected by shaking his head, and Sick... Continue Reading →

Sick Bastard – Private Porn Collection

Listen to: Sick Bastard - Private Porn Collection One of the first friends William invited to our newly opened bar was Sick Bastard. Originally his name was George but everyone just called him Sick Bastard. He was a Belgium guy who had some emotional problems. That’s why they called him Sick Bastards. As William promised... Continue Reading →

Sick Bastard: Blow Job add

“First he puts his finger into Dha's pussy. Then something else.” Listen to: Sick Bastard: Blow Job add When Sick Bastard’s friend Daniel found Vanta’s blow job ad on our couch table, the mood changed completely. Daniel seemed to be his friend and he was very quiet during the entire evening. He hardly said a... Continue Reading →

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