Sex Business – What is Beauty

“Please find her picture and video here”

What is beauty. As you may know this question can’t be generally answered, as it is an individual decision. Even in the world of sex business it is not possible to answer, as also here it remains an individual decision. You can see that when you have a look on the variety of sex workers here in Pattaya. From young to old, from skinny to fat, from bright to dark, you can find all kind of women working in the sex business here.

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Porn Star with Family: Mia Magma

“Please find her picture and video here”

Mia Magma is the name of an porn star Helmut was telling me about. I absorbed this story with great pleasure. As I heard of women who had difficulties after they made a public porn movie, Mia’s story  is so cool. Mia’s real name is Julia and she was happily married with Peter. The german couple loved sex and so they hanged out at swinger clubs where they met a porn movie producer one day.

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