Ron’s Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels

Dear Friends, I am often asked what is important to consider, to plan a trip to Pattaya. I can answer those questions in a complicated way or in a simple way. As I don’t like complicated things, so I will only give you the short answer: Book your guest-friendly hotel in Pattaya with Ron! Your... Continue Reading →

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Mongering is not about Cheap Sex

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol” Soon I found out why all of those mongers where here. Sex was an important part of it, yet it was not all. They could have sex in their home counties as well. Sometimes I hear the theory that they come to Pattaya because the prostitutes are cheaper.... Continue Reading →

Black American Soldiers

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TrikePatrol” Among the American soldiers were as well many blacks. Those guys were always horny. They were the ones who focused less on the beer and more on Da. It was easy to seduce them. She just had to asked if they want a massage or if she could come... Continue Reading →

Sex Party with the U.S. Army

From a drug party to a sex party within a few seconds. Suddenly there were so many hands and so many penises that she didn't know what to focus on first. She touched a penis, then a face, then a belly, and then only penises. She jerked with both hands on two dicks but there... Continue Reading →

Drug Party with the U.S. Army

Sex and drugs were Rem's specialty. He loved both of them. He also sold drugs to his girls and he loved to see them stoned. It made them horny and more desperate for their clients. Also, the soldiers preferred stoned girls as they knew they could do whatever they wanted with them. When the ladies... Continue Reading →

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