He just couldn’t hold it much longer

“Please find her picture and video here”

In the video and photo material I received once my wife returned from her trips, I first saw the couple having fun dancing, eating, drinking, looking around at night markets and shops. I liked those scenes and I always ensured that in the finally edited movie the best romantic scenes could be seen. To see the couple having fun simply built up the electricity for the viewers and it helped to make each movie more unique. Once they returned to the hotel this electricity was exchanged.

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My Favourite TukTukPatrol Girls: Newcy

Newcy’s body is a piece of art. Whatch it fucking here!

There are women who a literly made for porn. Of course I aprecheate any woman who does porn as I love it. But certein women were created for that. Newcy is such a woman. She is super hot and a sexy bitch. How do I know that? You can can read it from her tits. Yes I mean literly. On one tit is written “Sexy” and on the other “Bitch”.

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Why should you Marry a Bar Girl (Part1/2)

“Do you want to know why Lyn was called Skinny Moaning Cockrider? Click here…”

There are so many BS articles out there that warn you to marry a Bar Girl that I have to say a few words about this topic. The general argument why you shouldn’t marry a Bar Girl is that “you can get the girl out of the bar, but you can’t get the bar out of the girl”. The meaning of this saying is that your Bar Girl will alway sell sex even after you married her.

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Filming my Wife at her Client’s Room

“Please find her picture and video here”

The client started to hold the back of Vanta’s head to fixate it. Automatically he pushed his hips forward as well and pushed his penis inside her mouth. He fucked her lips a while and asked her then to stand up. She should turn around and look towards the wall. She waited standing at the wall until he got a condom. He opened the aluminium foil and took out the sticky rubber.

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William made pictures of Vanta

“I like Anna’s doggy style picture and how the guy is jerking off his cum on her belly”

Willy brought Vanta to his hotel as he wanted to make some pictures with her. But by making the pictures, he got horny and asked to fuck her. She stayed that night. But on the next day, he told Fred how difficult it was to get into her. I was really hard hearing the story of Vanta and William. What kind of pictures was William making with Vanta at his hotel? I wanted to keep the discussion going on and so I played stupid and asked if Vanta had enough sex and if that’s why her pussy was so small. Fred laughed and replied that this can’t be the reason. “She is Asian and you are Westerner,” he replied. At the beginning, a Western-Asian couple often has this problem. Vanta is still very young – only eighteen. As far he knows, Vanta only met with Asian guys so far.

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