Erotic Photo Shooting

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

A Western tourist for example returned to our bar  after he learned what kind of services my wife provides. He asked me to make photographies with him and her. I did as he requested and so I shot them. They were standing hand in hand in the room. He was an older white guy and she a young Thai woman. He was wearing t-shirt and jeans and my wife started with a very short skirt, a g-string and a belly free top. She looked very sexy as the g-string was visible as its strings were pulled above the skirt and also as the skirt was made out of a very thin material so it was possible to look through.

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The for-play – Making photos of my wife

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Making photos of my wife was one of the most intensives foreplays for our guests. On one of these images my wife was sitting on the bed. She was only wearing stockings and a very short skirt which was already pushed up so her vagina could be seen.  She opened it with the forefinger and middle finger of her left hand. Such photos were already the end of the foreplay and I could already see in one of the following images how she sucked our guest on the couch.

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My Friends Like a Private Atmosphere

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Those people became my friends. Mongers who were living in Pattaya and sex tourists who were living in the hotel where my studio apartment was located in. Those tourists found our bar by free beer ads that my friend William distributed and those who met my girlfriend at the pool, lobby or restaurant, where she tried to pick up new customers.

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How to turn a South East Asian Woman into a LBFM?

“Please find her picture and video here”

1.Keep things secrete

What ever you do, do it as secretly as possible. You have to understand that in Asia everything is about keeping face. It is more important then everything else. It is not difficult to buy sex from a woman, and she has no problem to sell it to you, but know body should know it. Under no instances should her family and husband find out about it.

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What are the Top 5 reasons why South East Asian Women can be easily turned into LBFMs?

“Please find her picture and video here”

1.Lack of Discipline.

Talking about countries like Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and other counties you have to understand that the mentalities are very different from Western Countries. People in general are more living the day and don’t worry so much about tomorrow. So it is normal that a woman doesn’t think about the consequences of her action. This weakness is also accepted in those countries.

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