The Massage Room for American GIs

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In order to profit from her daughter’s sex business Da’s mother even prepared a small room next to kitchen with bamboo mattresses. In Thailand such rooms were used to offer massages. The idea was that Da could offer massages to the guests of her mother’s restaurant. Such places already existed in Pattaya and it enabled her mother to cash in more money. As the massages were paid not to the massage girl but to the owner of the massage room.

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Why Da Enjoyed Working as Prostitute for the American GIs

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R&R (military slang for rest and recuperation) could go to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand or other places. Usually the GI’s had 5 days leave and as Thailand was close to Vietnam and a cheap place to party it was often chosen. The American GI’s were entitled for R&R after 3 months serving in Vietnam. So by the time they arrived in Pattaya the men went already through some shit.

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Da Starts to Work as Prostitute for the American Soldiers

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Everything started very naturally. Da followed a soldier to his room in a very quiet way. Like a servant follows his master. There was no big conversation or negotiation. Da anyway hardly spoke english. So she just followed a guy who flirted with her before or who somehow indicated that he liked her and normally the soldier had no objection with that.

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American GIs Liked Vanta’s Grandma Da

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Vanta’s grandma Da started to work as prostitute. She was the first in her family to do that job. Pattaya back then was a very quiet fishing village. Da’s family was poor and survived from the tiny income that her father earned as fisher. Da’s mother run a small restaurant. Not like one of those you see today in Pattaya.

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American Soldiers Created Modern Pattaya

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Pattaya was still a quiet fishing village in the 50s when the U.S. Army started its military engagement in the region. In Thailand itself it built a few military bases and through out the region even more military personal was stationed. Originally they came to Bangkok for their pleasure time until the first American GI’s discovered the small fishing village in  the South of Bangkok – Pattaya.

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Daniel’s Past

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I asked him how long he would already been living in Pattaya and he replied that it would be soon two years. I joked and said that he must have been very active and he just smiled and said ”White and black people were made by god, but the brown people where made by the Portuguese”. Then he waved his hand, showing me that he was slightly disgust by his own words and explained that this was an old saying in Portugal.However he hated this nationalist saying actually. He just liked to fuck and after living in Brazil for many years he was moved to Asia by his company.

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Vanta’s Blow Job Training

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I sat down on the last remaining chair and was happy that I wouldn’t need to make any further explanations. I showed them all the photos  on TV that Sick Bastard and Daniel made a couple of days ago with Vanta and those pictures drove pure excitement into their eyes. Vanta was full of excitement and in an honey like delirium as Daniel was constantly playing with her body while he watched the movies and drank his beer.

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Pattaya DIY: Soi 6

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Even Soi 6 is less famous than Walking Street, many Pattaya insider prefer it. Mainly as prices are better  and it is much more relaxed. Principally Soi 6 is a street filled with Short Time Beer Bars. So bars where you can drink a beer, get entertained by a girl and where you can bring her to a room at the bar. So you don’t have to pay the bar fine, but just rent a small room on hourly bases. This is a bit cheaper then the bar fine.

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Daniel and his 289 Asian Women

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Daniel was a Portuguese guy who was really cheap. He was always looking for a bargain and hardly put anything into our tip box that was placed on the couch table. Normally our visitor always tipped us very gently as we didn’t charged for the drinks. Actually they tipped more than they would have paid at a simple bar which made us proud as it showed us they enjoyed their stay.

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