Black American Soldiers

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TrikePatrol” Among the American soldiers were as well many blacks. Those guys were always horny. They were the ones who focused less on the beer and more on Da. It was easy to seduce them. She just had to asked if they want a massage or if she could come... Continue Reading →

Sex Party with the U.S. Army

From a drug party to a sex party within a few seconds. Suddenly there were so many hands and so many penises that she didn't know what to focus on first. She touched a penis, then a face, then a belly, and then only penises. She jerked with both hands on two dicks but there... Continue Reading →

Drug Party with the U.S. Army

Sex and drugs were Rem's specialty. He loved both of them. He also sold drugs to his girls and he loved to see them stoned. It made them horny and more desperate for their clients. Also, the soldiers preferred stoned girls as they knew they could do whatever they wanted with them. When the ladies... Continue Reading →

Hard American GIs

“Febe gets showered with love” As Da hardly spoke english, she just followed the orders of the soldiers. They liked it as they normally used to follow orders as well. But on their vacation they were the kings and they used this time as they didn't know if this would be the last time they... Continue Reading →

The fucking sound of American Soldiers

“Far smokes a white cigar” Sitting on the men's penises, only having a thin towel between him and her, Da the massage girl could easily negotiate the price and normally the towel and the underwear were removed. The sex normally started with a 69 position followed by her riding her client. Then Da sat down... Continue Reading →

The Massage Room for American GIs

Watch this hot Asian chick get fucked while she still wears her underwear  In order to profit from her daughter's sex business Da's mother even prepared a small room next to kitchen with bamboo mattresses. In Thailand such rooms were used to offer massages. The idea was that Da could offer massages to the guests... Continue Reading →

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