Black American Soldiers

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TrikePatrol”

Among the American soldiers were as well many blacks. Those guys were always horny. They were the ones who focused less on the beer and more on Da. It was easy to seduce them. She just had to asked if they want a massage or if she could come to their room. They understood what was going on and just asked for the price. They liked cheap prices and were more work. They simply were more meaty than the other soldiers.

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Bondaged Gangbang by American Soldiers

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TrikePatrol”

Da told me an example in which her Thai pimp brought her to a hotel room were 5 soldiers were waiting. They all were wearing their uniforms and the room was filled with smoke and the smell of alcohol. She had to undress herself in front of all the men who watched her. She was nervous and tried to avoid to look them into their eyes.

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The Orgy with American Soldiers

“Fon likes to suck foreign Cock”

One night when Da visited her pimp he told her about a special job. A group of 8 men wanted to party with a group of girls. He already arranged 4 other girls for this job and could use Da as the fifth women. Later that night all 5 girls went with Rem to that hotel. A large room was prepared for them were the group of men was already desperately waiting.

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Da’s Pimp worked for the U.S.Army

“Fern likes the taste of Cum”

One night when Da went home from one of her client it happened that she met her first Pimp. Ram was always standing in front of a hotel where many American soldiers were booked in. He approached the GIs once they left the hotel and offered transportation, drugs and women to them. Ram approached Da as one of the GIs asked for a women, but his other girls were busy at the time.

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The fucking sound of American Soldiers

“Far smokes a white cigar”

Sitting on the men’s penises, only having a thin towel between him and her, Da the massage girl could easily negotiate the price and normally the towel and the underwear were removed. The sex normally started with a 69 position followed by her riding her client. Then Da sat down again on the man, but this time his penis ended up in her pussy.  Then the man took over control and did what he desired and the sex normally ended by him shooting his cum into her pussy.

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The Massage Room for American GIs

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In order to profit from her daughter’s sex business Da’s mother even prepared a small room next to kitchen with bamboo mattresses. In Thailand such rooms were used to offer massages. The idea was that Da could offer massages to the guests of her mother’s restaurant. Such places already existed in Pattaya and it enabled her mother to cash in more money. As the massages were paid not to the massage girl but to the owner of the massage room.

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Why Da Enjoyed Working as Prostitute for the American GIs

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R&R (military slang for rest and recuperation) could go to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand or other places. Usually the GI’s had 5 days leave and as Thailand was close to Vietnam and a cheap place to party it was often chosen. The American GI’s were entitled for R&R after 3 months serving in Vietnam. So by the time they arrived in Pattaya the men went already through some shit.

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