Bali Love – How I met my future wife (1/4)

Like most other men, I was thinking bad about prostitutes and considered them as dirty sluts, who I would never end up dating or even starting a serious relationship with. I never would have thought that I would ever fall in love with one, or even marry one. Only weird men would do such things like pimps, or other people working in the red light area.

However, I also adored beautiful women, and I would rather have no girlfriend than an ugly one. Beautiful women were my big weakness that made me suffer. Even, I had good looking girlfriends from time to time. But the relationships with them never lasted for long, as I got very easily bored in a relationship. As soon as I had sex with any girl, then I’ve started to lose interest in the relationship. Looking back, I would say that I adored the beauty of those girls, but I couldn’t do anything with the girl itself besides having a nice time.

When I got older and ended up in my twenties, I got bored of all the short term relationships, and I used to have more fuck relationships with women who I met from time to time, to get my sexual needs satisfied.  Besides those relationships, I was very fascinated by porn movies. They were great for me, as I got access to hundreds of beautiful women, and could satisfy my needs without the stress a real girlfriend would have brought me. I liked my easy life, filled with sexual adventures, whenever I wanted to have them.

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