Thomas was a good friend of mine, who had taken a different path than most other men. He became unhappy with the so called normal way – the way most other men took. But his destiny led him on a new path. Hereby, you will see that the path he took was not an easy one, but an exciting one. He fell in love with a hooker he met on Bali. He knew me through my publications, and contacted me, as he had many questions on how to deal with the problems in his relationship.

He shared many of his experiences and I could explain to him, things that helped him to deal with his very special love. The following report, from Thomas, will explain how he met his love, and how he started this new and very special path. A path, which he followed until today.

Nevertheless, I would like to mention that there are many more men who are facing at least, one of his problems. Most of those men will not even know that they have this problem. I am talking about the relationship with a very beautiful woman. No, not every beautiful woman is a hooker. That would be wrong. But a relationship with a beauty is different from one with an ordinary woman. You have no idea how many offers beautiful women get. I mean, you, as a guy, have no idea. Even if you are a good looking man, you still cannot compare your situation with that of a very attractive woman.

Those ladies get offers all the time, and this changes also, their attitude towards sex. Think about how you would feel if hundreds of women would love to sleep with you. If they would bring you to nice restaurants, offer you better paid jobs, or even pay you for having sex.

Some men spend tremendous time, efforts, and money to get beauties into their bed, and many of them get very successful in it. So sooner or later, an attractive woman gets sucked into their arms. Sometimes, the experience they make is pleasant and sometimes, not. But independently, if they have good or bad sex, they always had a nice dinner, a well-paid job, or made some money. So, in a way, they always win and with this attitude, they have much more sex than an ordinary guy can imagine.

That’s why good looking women often don’t think very special about sex. Why should they? They have sex all the time, or at least, they always have the possibility to have sex all the time. So they also don’t like guys who make a fuss out it. Guys who think sex is something special. This might be true for them, but an attractive woman, in a free society, can have sex all the time if she wished to.  So, if you want to impress her, don’t make a fuss about sex, and if you want to understand her, then accept that she can (especially in young age) have much more sex than you. Maybe you can catch up in your forties, as most men get very naughty in their second part of their life.  However, women rule sex in their twenties and thirties, depending on how long they can keep their great look.

Let us go back to Thomas, who always adored beautiful women, and let us have a look at his report. Generally speaking, it is not easy to understand men who fall in love with prostitutes, as many men think that they are dirty. Even societies already changed a lot compared to 50 years ago, but many men still think that way. Thomas will explain why he thought differently, and why he fell in love with a hooker – a very beautiful one.

For everyone who also wants to contact me as Thomas once did, you can do this by simply sending me an email

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