Is it annoying if your wife has sex with other men all the time?

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Many men asked me if it isn’t annoying for me that my wife has sex with other men all the time. I have to admit that at the beginning I felt strange about it, because I had an unrealistic view of life. I thought sex is an exception and hardly happens. So I felt that my life was getting strange by watching all the men with Vanta.

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My porn collection – Bringing the camera to the guests room

“Brought to you by: CreampieThais”

After we recoded many of our guests in porn movies with Vanta and her friends, one guest was asking if he could bring the camera to his room together with my wife. On one side I hesitated as I feared to loose control about the camera and the recorded material. On the other side I was fascinated about the idea to get to know and show our guests what happened after the bar fine was paid. What happened between Vanta and her clients in their rooms.

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My porn collection – Note on my wife

“Brought to you by: CreampieThais”

Nevertheless I have to say that even here same exceptions exist as it somehow got popular to leave a note on my wife. This note was normally written on the Vanta’s skin with her lipstick. The purpose of these notes was that my wife was wearing this note while she was active with our guests. So some guests while they were wearing a mask wrote their fist name on the belly of my wife so it would appear in the movie. Other guests wrote their nickname on her or drew a special sign like a smily or a penis. So it was clear to them it was them having sex with Vanta.

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