My porn collection – Note on my wife

“Tansanee has a perfect ass”

Nevertheless I have to say that even here same exceptions exist as it somehow got popular to leave a note on my wife. This note was normally written on the Vanta’s skin with her lipstick. The purpose of these notes was that my wife was wearing this note while she was active with our guests. So some guests while they were wearing a mask wrote their fist name on the belly of my wife so it would appear in the movie. Other guests wrote their nickname on her or drew a special sign like a smily or a penis. So it was clear to them it was them having sex with Vanta.

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Let your Ego Die. Develop Sexual Intelligence!

“What is Mitch waiting for? Why is she sitting on the bed? Guess what :-)!”

End the believe that you have to play a game where a few men take all the women. Surrender and let your ego die. Because it brings you down and kills your real you. Your ego wants to own your woman, your lover or wife. But your ego wants to own all the beautiful women as well. Am I right? Your ego hates your competition. The guy who just fucked your sexy colleague you so desperately wanted to fuck yourself.

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Sexual Intelligence: Men’s Frustration

Maki likes to play with her pussy, before she sucks and fucks”

Do you want to have all beautiful women? Do you love their looks and the way they dress? Their bodies especially their legs, breasts and bellies? Then you are probably a normal man. However as a normal man you also know the pain to be rejected most of the times. Does this hurt and frustrate you? Yes it does hurt and still you can’t switch off your eyes and continue looking behind sexy women.

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Masturbation can be too intensive

“Isn’t Kikai sweet? See her sucking a fat white dick and getting it from behind”

This happens again and again many times a day. And yet it is never the same. Sometimes they bar fine her, sometimes they fuck her on the couch, sometimes other men are watching and sometimes they join and then the threesome or gang bang is starting. There is enough variety in sex that it doesn’t get boring so far.

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My Favourite Cream Pie Thais Girls: Sofia

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