W (3/5)

Rosie was kneeing in front of me, on the floor, and moved forward to suck my dick. Slowly, my tensions were leaving, and I relaxed. Everything was great. I smiled and looked to John;, he also got uncomfortable due to the fact that I can watch him. When he saw my blow-job-face, he had to smile. But somehow, it seemed a little bit unnatural. Who gives a dime? I closed my eyes, and enjoyed it for a while. Focusing on Rosie’s blow job, I realized how drunken she was. Normally, she sucked in a slow and shy way. Now, she was sucking like a whore.  I opened my eyes and looked at her. Her hairs were messy. They were hanging over my dick, so that I hardly could see him.

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W (2/5)

Moving forward to her, I asked if she was O.K.? I was surprised that she was in a much better condition than I thought. She seemed to be able to take a lot of alcohol. I didn’t know this side of hers. I kissed her, and didn’t stop for a while. As my dick was getting harder, I started to pull her closer to me, so that she ended up sitting on me. That was nice.

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W (1/5)

I was pretty nervous on the way to the W hotel. I told Rosie, not everything, about the conversation I had with John. Only that we will meet him at his hotel, and have a drink together. So, I had no clue if anything, that I told John, would work. But I didn’t care. First, there was the alcohol and second, there were those weeks of stress and fear behind me. I just wanted to take things as they were. And there was more. Back at the Neptune, I was horny, and wanted to provoke John with my offer to watch us fucking. But now, I don’t feel horny at all. I worried if it is O.K. with me? I have no problem letting John watch us fucking. Maybe Rosie has. But I don’t think so. But, he wants to fuck her as well.

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John (2/2)

“Where is your hotel anyway?” “It’s the W,” he replied. “W? Not too bad,” I praised. They must have nice rooms there, I asked myself. I felt horny, and my dick was getting a little bit hard. My eyes found Rosie and especially, her bum. She was wearing a sexy short skirt, her legs were free, and I remembered how great it felt fucking her from behind.

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John (1/2)

I feel great. The first time after weeks of trouble. We are having a little party at the Neptune Discotheque. We, that means Rosie, me and two guys we met at the Neptune. Both Americans, and on a business trip to Hong Kong. The trade fare is running, and so the Neptune is crowed with foreigners. The last weeks, after it turned out that Rosie borrowed almost 20000 US$ which she couldn’t pay back, were terrible. Both of us had many fights, and a solution for this problem was not in sight. I don’t care anymore. Its Rosie’s issue. Why should I ruin my life, because of her stupidity? Now, everything is fine.

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How to deal with debts (3/3)

Why does this matter? Because we all have big wishes and therefore, want to get as much as possible. Rosie was not able to give a lot because of her missing education and therefore, she couldn’t get much out of the system. This was a problem to her, as she also had big dreams after she married Christoph. Hereby, she could give more, as she was good looking and was an experienced sex worker. But due to her marriage, she was hindered to do that, and so, she was in a miserable situation too.

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Debt Problems

A bad surprise hit me when I arrived home. I was just coming home from work, and wanted to relax. However, when I arrived home, I was already expected. My wife’s friend welcomed me with bad news. Rosie borrowed money from her and other friends. It was a lot of money, almost 20.000US$. Since months, Rosie failed to pay the money back to her friends. I was so shocked and felt so scared – so much money. Who was so stupid to borrow my dump wife so much money? And for which reason did she borrowed the money? It would take years to pay it back. But what I heard next made me even sicker.

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