Fat Man in Asia – How I met my slutty girlfriend

Part 2

By coincidence, Fat Man is meeting Vanta, a beautiful young Thai model. He is paying her for sex and his depression improves, while he is meeting the young freelancer.

Fat Man in Asia – How I met my slutty girlfriend is an erotic short story that describes how Fat Man falls in love with Vanta. He meets William, another client of Vanta and together, they exchange their sexual experiences about the Thai hooker. But will Fat Man realize his love?



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Fat Man in Asia – Part 1-4

Helmut: Seven Women in Three Days (3/3)

“Naam is fucked by Japanese tourist”

I immediately knew what was the issue. He wanted a different woman. This is very common and in Pattaya such men are called butterflies as they fly from flower to flower. I explained the situation to Vanta and she switched from bitching on him for her self to selling some of her girl friends to him. In deed Helmut was immediately interested.

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My wives greatest passion

“Nuch is having a pool party. Click here to watch her porn movie”

My wife is from Thailand. She is coming from a family that originated in Pattatta. Not the Pattaya  you heard about, a city full of sex workers that are attracting hundred of thousands of sex tourists each year. But from the little fishing village that Pattaya was before the Vietnam war started. Vanta how my wife is called, grew up in Pattaya as the daughter of a failed marriage. Her mother was divorced and her father was living separated in Bangkok.

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Helmut: Seven Women in Three Days (2/3)

“Check out how Nok serves a Japanese man”

Also he was irritated that everybody seems to know what was going on, but nobody thought it to by strange. This sexy bitch just followed him in expectation to get bought by him. And men did he want to buy that pussy. The weeks before his trip to Thailand he couldn’t think about anything else. Just about sexy bitches as the the one that was checking in with him. He actually didn’t thought that the chicks were so hot. Seeing them in real life and not in porn movies made them even look hotter.

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Our female guests – Da and the blow job bar

“Please find her picture and video here”

Anyhow I worried that a disaster would happen if things would develop too fast and consulted Michael in that way that he should be very patient. At the second lunch our private blow job bar became a topic without that one of us men would have dropped it. I guess the topic came up between Vanta and Da who talked most of the time in Thai while Michael and I talked on English.

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Bar Girl Consultant – Asian Wife with Debt Problems


Rosie and Christoph met in Hong Kong. He was from Switzerland, and worked as a simple employee in a company. He met Rosie, who was coming from The Philippines, in a bar, and they both fell in love with each other.
Even though she worked as a prostitute, she always tried to find a man who would marry her. For her, it was great luck that she met with Christoph at a bar, and she stopped working as a hooker after a while. Christopher knew something about her sex business and accepted it, as long she would stop it. However, their relationship developed increasingly problems.


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