Christopher missed hookers and porn movies

“Please find her picture and video here”

He started with a one hour body massage with a happy ending, before he visited two brothels were he bought a woman at each. In between he went to eat at restaurants, had beer at a bar and enjoyed himself. Shenzhen seemed to be much more relaxed than the more expensive Hong Kong. The sex with the Chinese women was good, however not too long. He remembered that he was in sexual better shape before he met Rosie. While he enjoyed having sex with her, things got boring after a while with her. Not that she was not beautiful anymore to him, however having sex with the same person over and over again, was simply getting boring.

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After Rosie’s First Week

“Please find her picture and video here”

After this hard week Rosie’s initial hopes of having a fun week were destroyed. She had to work extremely hard and was able to earn a lot of money. More than the physical pain, especially through the anal sex, she was hurt by the attitude of her friends who treated her like shit. This changed however after the first week as her girl friends were satisfied that she earned a lot of money. Also they had their revenge with her as they felt treated arrogantly by Rosie before. All this happened without Christopher knowing anything about it.

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Toilet Slut

“Please find her picture and video here”

Friday night and Saturday all her girl friends went to a bar were they met tourists to have fun with them and more. By then Rosie already felt numb by all the sex she had and all the drugs she consumed. The girls first aimed to get invited by a guy for a ladies drink. For each drink they got a kick back from the bar keeper. Sexy and available girls attracted men to visit the bar and buy drinks for them and the girls. The kick backs ensured for the bar keeper that enough girls were in his bar and so he could have a successful business night.

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My Favourite Monger in Asia Girls: Karen

Bondage and Gang Bang

“Please find her picture and video here”

Another special wish clients wanted was bandaged sex and they were willing to pay a high price for that. Even one of Rosie’s girlfriends had to join those meeting sand also needed to get paid. Normally Angel one of Rosie’s closest friends joined. At those meetings the man would bandage Rosie’s hands, arms or feet so that she couldn’t move and was a helpless victim for her customers.

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