Fat Man in Asia – Part 1-4

Part 1-4

Part1: Fat Man in Asia: Coming in Pattaya
An overweight man has to flee from his homeland. He was deceived by his wife and his business partner. His destiny leads him to Pattaya, a sinful place in Thailand.
Fat Man in Asia – Coming in Pattaya is an erotic short story that describes Fat Man’s arrival in Pattaya. He is struggling with the memories of his past and suffers a hard depression. To gain back his strength, he is having sex with prostitutes. But will these sexual adventures cure his mind?

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I filmed her blowing me

After she gave me a nice, long blowjob and I fucked her in multiple positions, I finally dumped my sticky load deep into Elisa’s perfect teen pussy.

I made only a few picture of her, before I filmed her sucking my dick. I could film her face and how she sucked with her mouth. I came quickly and realised immediately that I still was not strong enough for real sex. I came so quickly, that it was a pity.

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I was disappointed that I couldn’t make photos

Bubble butt Thailand teenager with braces receives potent sticky creampie by older guy

But that was all the fun I had that night. Most of the other things went wrong. Once she returned from the bathroom, she didn’t want to make any pictures anymore. No nude pictures and no porn pictures at all. She seems not to remember that she agreed to it. As I already paid her bar fine and her fee, I was angry too.

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I pointed my erected penis at her and asked her to kiss him

Thai girl gets fucked in many positions and then oiled down and fucked again until she’s creampied

I kept remembering that I planned to go as far as I could go today, so I started to take off my cloth as well, after I made a couple of pussy pictures. It seems to be O.K. for her. We didn’t talk before about more, but it seemed to be O.K. for her. I pointed my erected penis towards her and asked her to kiss him.

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I enjoyed jerking off on Malee’s pictures

I pounded the tattooed teenager in various ways, finally erupting like a volcano into Jasmine’s smooth, unguarded honey-pot.

At home, I enjoyed the photos I shot with Malee. I jerked off on each single picture again and again. Then the next morning, I still felt some disappointment. I should have fucked her. But further more, I was not sure if Malee would have gone further.

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