Ali and Mai

The next thing that was difficult to understand about Mai was that, she didn’t want to fuck with Ali anymore. My best friend was eager to fuck her on drugs, and asked to join us to the discotheque next time. However, my girlfriend rejected this, and said she had enough of him. It was fun... Continue Reading →

It is all about excitement

I was totally lost about the happenings of the last two days. On one side, I felt bad because I started a relationship with a bad girl. She was a hooker, who got regularly abused by fat and ugly sex tourists, who paid her to have fun at the discotheque and fuck her at their... Continue Reading →

My Best Friend (2/2)

I felt that she was a bit shocked by my openness, and her eyes became glassy. I didn’t mind to be direct; even though I might have hurt her feelings. She could have told me everything from the beginning. Then we would not have this situation. She zipped from her coke and then replied that... Continue Reading →

My Best Friend (1/2)

Now, the truth was out. I felt bad and disappointed the next day. Especially because it was time to tell my friend about the true profession of my girlfriend. He told me before, that he heard rumors, that my girlfriend was fucking for cash, but I didn’t believe him, and thought he was jealous. So,... Continue Reading →


Thomas was a good friend of mine, who had taken a different path than most other men. He became unhappy with the so called normal way - the way most other men took. But his destiny led him on a new path. Hereby, you will see that the path he took was not an easy... Continue Reading →

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