Masturbation can be too intensive

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This happens again and again many times a day. And yet it is never the same. Sometimes they bar fine her, sometimes they fuck her on the couch, sometimes other men are watching and sometimes they join and then the threesome or gang bang is starting. There is enough variety in sex that it doesn’t get boring so far.

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Masturbation and Sexual Energy

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I love sexual energy as it is clearing my body and mind. This helps me to heal and prosper. I gain a lot of creativity out of this sexual energy and once I am pumped up with it, I also can experience a more intensive day. I am more energised to do new things and experience a new adventure. Sexual energy helped me to get rip of my depression that I faced after my divorce and it helps me now through all kind of situations where I feel down.

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Controlling Sexual Energy while Masturbating

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When men masturbate they are 100% under control of their sexual energy. They can use this control to train themselves to masturbate without having an orgasm, which means endless sex. Yes, hours of sex full of joy and that is what we want. Loosing control just a bit can end this. Of course there are techniques that enable men to have an orgasm without coming. Those men experience a contraction of the PC-Muscle (which is the orgasm muscle) but they don’t shoot out cum. The result of an orgasm without coming is that the body can recover much faster – which means man can have sex earlier again.

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Masturbation – Phantasies and Reality

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You may ask yourself if there are risks involved if you masturbate. Hereby I won’t go into detail talking about medical risks or moral risks. I personally don’t face both of them. Neither long term masturbation had any medical impact on myself and I also put away my moral hazards a long time ago. Still both questions are individual questions that in case of the medical fitness has to be answered by a doctor and in case of the moral hazards you have to answer this by yourself.

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Why you should still know more about masturbation?

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This is leading us to the next point, why it is an advantage to know more about it. In a nutshell it is because other people might have found out greater pleasures of satisfying themselves and this is what you should know about. Self satisfaction is much more than just a 5 minutes jerk off in the shower, where nobody can see us. It is an art that guarantees great pleasures to us.

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About Masturbation

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Studies show that everybody does it men and women. We all masturbate, some do it more often and some do it less often. Some people however claim they never do and if this remains true hardly anyone will ever found out. But one thing is certain that independently from sex, race, nation, sexual orientation or what other category might separate us, we do masturbate.

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Top 6 Things to Jerk Off (Masturbate) on

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Sexual energy works like poison. In some situations a high doses can bust you. It is simply to much, while in other situations you can handle a high doses well and greatly enjoy it. Similar it is with hardcore and software porn. Sometimes you need a harder approach as soft porn is too boring. But sometimes watching penises fucking vaginas is too much and so you prefer just watching a striptease.

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