Sex Show – White Spots on Vanta’s dress

“Please find her picture and video here”

The other two guests who saw the spectacle went insane. This really turned them on. I told my wife not to change the dress as I knew they would like to shoot at her as well. They made a small mess with my hot wife that day. She just kept sitting on that chair and waited until one after the other was done. The second shot his cum in her face and the third on her dress again.

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Sex Shows – Our guests were creative

“Please find her picture and video here”

This phrase was popular as many men liked panties. Some smelled them during they jerked off and some when they drunk their beer. When we had a group of men at our apartment it could also be that one man just wanted to show off. Whenever you had a group of men together with only one woman, they often tried to compete to show who knew my wife better. Having her panties was somehow cool in this situation.

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Sex Shows – We liked it dirty

“Please find her picture and video here”

Vanta trained our guests to be open and tolerate of other men’s desire. She was good in it and once a guest felt disgust by another men’s behaviour she quickly found the right words to calm him down. She simply said things like” Let him have fun. So you can also do what you want.” or ” You are all my friends and I want to make you all happy”.

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Sex Shows – BDSM

“Innocent Girl? See her face covered in cum”

The by far most popular videos we made were the ones where clients wanted to perform Vanta, William and me BDSM. It started with a video where Vanta was wearing the black cuffs she once got from a client. The viewer wanted us to bandage the arms of my wife in that way that she was fixated to the kitchen table. Therefore we let the chain that connected her hands around the leg of the table. This was most easily achieved by bending her over the table.

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Sex Shows – Marathon Masturbators

“I love Chinese women like Bent! So sexy…”

Such shows were also a great stimulation for the increasing number of marathon masturbators who visited us in the afternoon. As those were the quiet hours it was possible to close down the bar for 1-2 hours in which someone could visit us and watch my porn collection while he masturbated. Normally my wife made some extra cash by wearing certain cloth that tuned them on, stripping for them, posing for them, getting touched by them, massaging them and later we introduced fuck shows to them.

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