Our Sex Shows were Popular

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol” First we did not film our guests how they were excitedly sitting on our couch and watched us fucking. The marathon masturbators liked our shows to jerk off on them, while the normal visitors mainly showed their excitement by getting glassy eyes. Nevertheless after William or I were... Continue Reading →

Our Guests wanted to Watch

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol” With an increasing popularity of our private bar we faced the challenge to have more men wanting to have sex with my wife. Especially in the large expat community of Pattaya my apartment became famous. Every day and night expats visited us to get a beer and watch... Continue Reading →

Sex Show – Shooting on a Pussy

“Please find her picture and video here” Seeing her like this developed the creativity of my friends. This was of course also recorded by my camera. Even some men were camera shy, I had enough friends to film many of those cum shots. The great thing with those bukkake parties was that you could please... Continue Reading →

Sex Shows – We liked it dirty

“Please find her picture and video here” Vanta trained our guests to be open and tolerate of other men's desire. She was good in it and once a guest felt disgust by another men's behaviour she quickly found the right words to calm him down. She simply said things like" Let him have fun. So... Continue Reading →

Sex Shows – Returning Clients

“Please find her picture and video here” William's and Vanta's network grew fast and they managed to get more and more expats and tourists to our bar. It was easy to attract men who were friends of mine, or expats  and tourists who wanted to have a look at our bar. The problem was with... Continue Reading →

Sex Shows – Threesome

“Miyuki is half Asian and half Brazilian Please” All eyes were completely focused on Vanta, how she moved her body up and down and especially our guests looked between her shanks, where Vanta’s vagina slided up and down William penis. William did not have to use a condom as he was a close friend and... Continue Reading →

Sex Shows – Kitchen Table

“This MILF is so super hot. Watch her in action!” One day my friend wanted to show off in front of his friends. William did everything to promote our bar among his friends, the expat community in Pattaya and tourists. In return Vanta let him use her. Vanta and he had sex before and actually... Continue Reading →

Sex Shows – BDSM

“Innocent Girl? See her face covered in cum” The by far most popular videos we made were the ones where clients wanted to perform Vanta, William and me BDSM. It started with a video where Vanta was wearing the black cuffs she once got from a client. The viewer wanted us to bandage the arms... Continue Reading →

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