Our Sex Show

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol” I filmed them sitting on the couch touching each others legs, stimulating themselves and loosing control. Sex took over the control of the situation. Vanta’s skirt was pulled upwards so her G-string appeared, which was then no barrier anymore for our guests to touch Vanta’s vagina. She closed... Continue Reading →

I filmed how Vanta Seduced our Guests

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol” Out of these daily sex shows we organised that every third would be recorded. The shows themselves changed a bit from time to time as we were experimenting, but generally speaking there was no big difference between recorded or not recorded show as everything that worked well sooner... Continue Reading →

Our Daily Sex Show

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol” William started to clean my wife’s ass and pussy from his sperms. He used the paper of a toilet paper roll that was always on the couch table for that reason. The paper sucked in his sperms and ended up in one of the little plastic bags with... Continue Reading →

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