Yegor and Leonid (2/4)

But I felt not so bad after all. The alcohol kicked in, and as soon Vanta returned, the drinking continued. Actually, I never had too many visitors at my studio. Only William, Vanta and Katy, visited me. The other hookers I met, I fucked in a cheap hourly hotel. But my quiet home, where I was just watching porn all day long, appeared to be a thing of the past. Vanta sat down on an arm chair. “I met them at the walking street, while I was walking around.” She said. No, I thought to myself, she was not walking around. I was not that stupid. Vanta hated to walk, and she was definitely not walking around the Walking Street like a hiker is walking around in nature. She was standing at the walking street, and was waiting to get picked up by a client, my thoughts correct her story.

“There, hotel is a little bit far away and so, I thought it was better to bring them here.” Yegor confirmed that this was a good idea and then, the next beer was gone. I followed him, and thought to myself that I couldn’t have enough beer tonight. Then Yegor clapped with his hands, looked at Vanta, and said, “Should we?”  Vanta jumped out of her seat and replied, full of eagerness, “Yes, of course.” Then she picked him up from the couch and brought him to the area of our studio, where the wardrobe was. Our studio is not so big and so, they were only a few meters away from us.

She opened his trousers, and helped him to undress. Once he was naked, she followed him, and got naked too. Leonard watched her closely, and his hand was still massing his short. Then the naked couple were taking a shower.

Leonard and I could watch them as they showered, as there is a glass window between my bath room and my living room. The window could be covered by a curtain, but usually, the curtain was not closed. Either I was alone in my apartment, or a lady was with me. So why should I close the curtain? Especially now, when Vanta was living with me; I wanted the curtain to be open. However, I never imagined that I would watch Vanta with another man, in my shower. Vanta washed Yegor under the shower, and also cleaned his half erected penis. Leonard was getting wet eyes watching them, and I sensed that he was already dreaming about his turn with Vanta. Yegor realized that we watched him, and winked to us with a smile. He showed his friend how he washed Vanta’s vagina, and shouted something loud in Russian to him.

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