Yegor and Leonid (1/4)

Already at dinner, I sensed that Vanta was nervous. I thought she had to think about the coming night. She was excited about what will happen, and which adventures she will experience. Once we were back in our room, she was taking a shower, and prepared for the night. I got so excited about her outfit. She looked super cool. It was very simple. She just took one of her bikinis and a jeans skirt. Her legs and belly were fully naked, and her body was so beautiful that it was better than any dress could ever be. The skirt was very short, so you could see most of her legs, and it would be possible to see her underwear, once she sat down.

It was an amazing dress, and I was quite sure that she would soon find someone, who’ll pay her.  Again, she gave me a kiss before she left.

I was right and wrong. Indeed, Vanta returned very soon, after she left the room. But still, I was wrong, because she came much earlier than I had expected. However, this was not all. She came, and had two men accompanying her. I was irritated when I saw them; however, Vanta only gave me a nice kiss, and led both gentlemen into my room.

Vanta helped them to get comfortable, and served beers out of my fridge. She also gave me a beer. I slowly calmed down, and realized that we actually never spoke about her bringing friends to my home. So, I was confused, if I should throw them all out, complain, or just stop everything from happening. However, Vanta was perfectly relaxed, and didn’t seem to feel a bit strange about this situation. For her, everything was as it should be. The beer Vanta served relaxed me, and I got introduced to my visitors. They were Russians, and their names were Yegor and Leonid. They both spent their vacations in Thailand, and they openly said that they were looking for beautiful girls.

Yegor was a small skinny guy, and he was taking the lead in talking with me. He cheered with me, and finished his bottle at once. I really needed alcohol to bring me down and so, I cheered to him, and also finished my bottle at once. His friend, Leonard, was a big and bully guy, and he was not impressed at all. He also finished his beer at once, but without making any attraction out of it. Vanta got new beers for us, and Yegoe used the time to tell me that by looking for beautiful women, they met my girlfriend. He tried to make compliments to me, by saying how beautiful my girlfriend was, and his friend, Leonard, agreed. His friend also turned his head around, and looked at Vanta, while his right hand was massaging the area where his dick was. He was already looking forward to fuck Vanta, I thought to myself.

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