Yegor and Leonid (3/4)

Leonard was quiet, and we also stopped drinking beer. As soon as Vanta and Yegor arrived at the bed and closed the sliding door, he was turning to me again. He took his beer, and cheered to me. I followed him, and we drank without saying too much. I could feel that his mind was already numbed, as he was dreaming about fucking Vanta. We couldn’t see the couple, but soon after they closed the door, we could hear them. Especially Vanta, who was moaning loud, and full of pleasure.

I tried to sense what they are doing, but gave up after a minute. Vanta’s moaning changed from loud to quiet, and from slow to fast, but it didn’t tell me what they were doing. Besides the moaning, I could soon hear the sound of two bodies pushing against each other, and then, Yegor was starting to join the moaning orchestra, with his sound of passion. “ohhh, ahhh, ooo,ahhh.” That was all Leonard and I were hearing, and there was no way for us to talk. We had to listen to the sound of the duet, until it suddenly slowed down and stopped.

After a moment of silence, the door opened, and first, Vanta and then, Yegor, left the bed room, and walked through the living room, to the bath room. Leonard was asking Yegor something in Russian that I couldn’t understand. However, I could guess that it was not about the weather. Yegor replayed, and I sensed that he liked the fuck with Vanta. Again, we watched them showering, but this time, the erotic energy was gone. Both simply cleaned their genitals.

Both returned to the living room, and as before, they just wore a towel around their hips. Vanta was not even thinking to getting dressed, but instead, she went straight to Leonard, and picked him up.

For me, everything repeated again, only that Yegor and Leonard exchanged their places. Now, I was sitting together with Yegor, and listened again, to the music of passion. Yegor, however, was not so interested in listening and instead, just laid back and relaxed. Again, I couldn’t identify how they fucked each other, I just heard Vanta’s loud moaning, and two bodies, clapping against each other – sometimes faster, and sometimes slower, sometimes louder, and sometimes quiet. Suddenly, Yegor rose up, came closer, and said, “Can we stay longer?” He was asking me, and I couldn’t believe what I heard. I was hoping that they were soon gone, and that I could be alone with Vanta, again. Instead, I had to listen to how they fucked her. Yegor sensed that I was not so happy about his idea, and he tried to explain that they can’t find a hotter woman in Pattay than my girlfriend. So, they would like to spend the evening here and party. He was speaking for him and Leonard. I was listening to the sound his friend and Vanta were producing, and I had no doubt that he would agree to Yegor’s suggestion.

I realized that Yegor had no beer anymore, and I went to the fridge to get him some. We were cheering and drinking the beers as fast as we could. I started to get drunk, and Yegor was trying to convince me to let them stay. Finally, I said that it was up to Vanta, which actually meant yes – at least, when they pay her enough.

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