Mongers – A Place to Trade Sex

“Please find her picture and video here”

What is true for both groups, expats and sex tourists, is that watching porn and masturbation is different to them then to other porn consumers. As the old cliche goes people who can’t get a woman have to masturbate.

This totally wrong for mongers. They have plenty of women, especially when they are in Asia, however they simply want to maintain this monger feeling also in times where they don’t have access to hot Asian women. So Thai or Filipino porn simply goes well along with mongering and was another surprising success factor for our bar.

As described before mongers are highly attracted by places or relationships that allow them to trade sex. I pointed out that they love Pattaya because it is a place with ten of thousands of women that are willing to trade sex, that are attracted to its bars, discotheques, massage pearl and walking streets as to all other places were they can trade sex.

Somehow this simply makes sense as the term monger is describing a person who is trading sex. So it is only naturally that those people are drawn to places where they can buy sex to fulfil their fantasies. In a same way bees are drawn to flowers to harvest nectar.

What I explicitly found out at our bar was that they loved relationships where the man had nothing against his girlfriend or wife openly selling sex. In a way it is the same phenomena then with bars, etc. but it is more unique. In contrast to many normal bars, having sex with a friends girl friend is more special. After we found out that this was a particular phantasy mongers were interested in, we were lucky enough to have had further success in this field.

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