Mongers – Digesting Sex

“Please find her picture and video here”

Like with the food you consume, you just can’t eat only meat e.g. You also have to get noodles, bread and vegetables that help you to digest you the meat. As the brain is playing a very  very import role for sex, you have to help him to digest too. This can be done in many ways, nevertheless masturbating is one of the most effective ways. I recently read a book about concentration were it was also explained that in order to be able to concentrate, you have to let your brain rest.

So far there is no surprise as I think everyone knows this. But what did surprise me was that in order to rest it is not so effective not to do anything, as then the mind is wandering around and often starts focusing on issues of worries and concerns which is bringing negativity, fears and frustration and which should be avoided. Instead it would be better to let the brain focus on something positive that makes fun.

So still the brain should focus on something, however it should be positive and something that makes you feel good. Watching porn and masturbating worked out well for me and many other men I know.

Also this is true for sex tourists only that here some additional parts come on top, compared to people living in Pattaya. As the tourists live normally in sexual boring countries, porn made in South East Asia also helps them to stay entertained until their next mongering trips. In many cases masturbating is their main sexual activity until they return to Asia. So masturbation keeps them entertained, it is at least an important part of their sex life and it helps them to keep their dicks active and well soaked with blood.

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