The Biggest Problem for Cuckold Men and How to solve it!

“Nikkie likes it from behind”

It sound so easy. Everyone loves sex and everyone loves to exchange partners. So once a man finds out about his cuckold phantasies he believes that he would do his wife a favour by developing her into a hotwife. But often nothing else is more far from the truth. The above YouTube video explains in a great way why many women don’t want to become hot wives and how difficult it actually is to turn a wife into a hotwife.

It sounds frustrating but many wives don’t bother to cheat their husbands, but once he asks them to do it openly in front of his eyes they reject. Otherwise every husband happily would accept such an offer from his wife, but relationships are often much more complicated the sexual phantasies. So many men have to live their life by just masturbating on their cuckold phantasies. This is not a bad thing at all but their are ways to still get more.

The best of course is that you try to get a more open partner in the first place. As I wrote already before Bar Girls are e.g. ideal partners for cuckolds. This might become an option once you divorce. Hopefully that might not happen, but you never know and to fulfil your cuckold phantasies this might be at least some benefit of a divorce.

The other option is to get a girlfriend that cuckolds you. Again here Bar Girls can help you to experience the excitements of an cuckold man. You have to find the right Bar Girl which is turning you on and which is also warming up your heart. How you implement your phantasies is your business. You might not even sleep with that Bar Girl and just listen to her life. Important is that you get emotional attached to her to develop the cuckold kick by listening to her stories.

Furthermore you can get in touch with mongers – people especially men who buy sex from prostitutes. You might have some mongers in your friendship and might ask them to fuck your new girlfriend in front you. In such a way you compensate the your wife’s rejection to become a hotwife.

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