Our female guests – Da’ s advertising movie?

“Please find her picture and video here”

First Michael was shocked again as he realises that he would have a role in Da’s movie as well. It would be the role of the foul and Michael fully realised it. Da was fully fascinated about the idea that Michael would play it and was looking at him deeply touched. Finally we shot it again and again as we hoped to look less stupid in the movies, however repeating the scene did’t help.

Finally we gave it up and went to the sex part of the movie. The sex scenes were easier to shoot, but still we needed the whole afternoon to finish. We succeeded to use the bright day light of Pattaya which gave a great light for the recordings. First we filmed how Da took off her dress and posed with her body. Then she blew me in several positions on the bed, I fucked her doggy style, she rode me in Asian cowgirl and revered Asian cow girl style, before I finally bondage her to the bed.

We made many breaks in between so I could cool down. William used those breaks to get to know Da. He was horny as well and desired her. During one break he borrowed money from Vanta to pay Da for sex. Nobody filmed them, yet it was hot watching them.

The room was charged heavily with sexual energy. After William was done with Da, we could continue filming the bondage scene. With a robe I fascinated her arms to the top of the bed and her legs to the lower part of the bed. Michael helped me. By then he was high on excitement. Now he enjoyed being part of the movie and was happy that his wife made the porn movie with me.

Once Da was fixated on the bed, I licked her entire body and men I enjoyed it. I got so high on her that I lost control. She also got hot and excited when I took care her pussy with my tongue. Yet she didn’t loose control as I did. For her everything seem to be a bit funny and she kept smiling and laughing.

I fucked her mouth and then her vagina until I came. Even she already had William and me she was asking Michael to continue where I finished. This was actually very smart. She wanted to make sure that Michael accepted her doing and so she wanted him to be filmed as well. Michael happily crawled on the bed to have sex with his wife. But this time he was full of excitement and hard as a rock. I filmed everything he did with her until he came inside her pussy. Of course I filmed that too.

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