Penthouse Quality Girls

“Please find her picture and video here”

It took me the entire day to recover from the sex and the alcohol from last night. My dick was hard again the next morning, still, I stayed at bed most of the day time, and just slept or watched TV. I felt numb, and this numbness somehow, also replaced the depressions that normally felled over me.

After dinner, I went out again, and went to the go-go bars at the walking street. I went to a club that claimed to have penthouse quality girls. Indeed, the ladies were great, and some of them were absolutely adorable. I paid one of the cutie a drink, so she would stay and I could play with her body. She was just wearing a black G-string, black fish net stockings, and a black bra. Touching her body excited me, and she let me touch every part of her body.

The atmosphere in the club was good. Everybody seemed to have fun. The girl told me that in this bar alone, about 80 – 90 ladies were working. Playing with this chick’s hot body and watching the other hot chicks dancing, lifted me up again. I had another drink, and the girl sat on my sapling, and massaged my penis with her bum. Of course, I was still wearing my trousers and she, her G-string.

But those details didn’t matter at all. Her shakes were great and seeing her hot body moving, looked so cool. I looked around me, and discovered many couples. Every couple consists of a tourist and a Thai lady. The lady always entertained the man. Some of the male tourists were older, some were younger. They all were amazed by touching a hot chick and worshiped her beauty.

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