She was very experienced

“Please find her picture and video here”

My dick was hardening inside her mouth, and I realized that there is a TV in our room, where a porn movie is shown. Somehow, I didn’t pay attention to it before. I deeply enjoyed her blow job, while I watched that porn movie. This seemed to be a cool hourly hotel. Rama climbed on me, and let my penis slide inside her pussy.

Every move was handled by her, as she has done it hundreds of times. Even though she is young, she must be very experienced. I guess she is serving every night, another guest of that bar, and maybe even several guests a night. I only paid the short term bar fine, which is worth 2 hours of her time. So she could return to her bar afterwards, and would try to find another customer. All that thoughts went through my mind while she was riding me. My camera was filming everything. She was moving up and down my penis, and I let my right hand slide over her legs, and played with her breasts. I realized that there is a mirror at the ceiling, and watched her fucking me.

I never had this problem before

We changed position, and she was standing in front of the bed and bended over it, so I could fuck her from behind. However, I faced problems to enter her pussy. My penis was not hard enough anymore. I have no idea what happened, as the show and fucking her was pretty cool. So why is he losing his strength? I hardly faced such problems in the past, as I was never really sexually challenged. Only since I was living in Pattaya, I seem to have reached some sexual limits and didn’t know what to do. Rama seemed to know about it. She must have had such situations, and guided me to sit on the chair. She kneed down in front of me. She sucked and jerked me, so I can win strength again. I didn’t know if I’ll get hard again, but somehow, also didn’t care. Her blow job was great anyway, and this will be an amazing video. I changed position and stood in front of her, while she sat down on the chair, and continued blowing me. She worked hard to make me cum and it felt great. She was jerking me hard, and positioned her breast in front of my penis, so I could shoot my load on them. I just stood there, enjoyed her treatment, and filmed it. Finally, I came. But my cum was not shooting, as there was not enough pressure in my balls. My penis just released his juice in her hands, and I felt a great release. She smiled and cleaned her hand by using a tissue from her bag. I sat down, and let the last minutes go through my head. My eyes automatically went to the porn movie on TV. Somehow, they are always attracted by porn – even I don’t feel to have sex anymore. The guy in the porn movie didn’t seem to be sexually limited at all. He seemed to be rock hard, and easily able to fuck for hours. He was fucking that woman without any sign of weakness. There must be a difference between porn and real sex, I thought to myself.


To be continued in Fat Man in Asia – Pattaya Feast

The above story was taken out of the following book. Press on the link find out more!


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