About Masturbation

“Kuk Kik is making porn. Click here to masturbate and watch her video!”

Studies show that everybody does it men and women. We all masturbate, some do it more often and some do it less often. Some people however claim they never do and if this remains true hardly anyone will ever found out. But one thing is certain that independently from sex, race, nation, sexual orientation or what other category might separate us, we do masturbate.

Self satisfaction is probably the most common and most often practiced way of sex on this planet. Yet hardly anyone talks about it. Unless you are very close to a person you hardly will hear him  say that he had a great night with himself jerking off at home. Even this would be true in some cases nobody talks about it. Compared to if you had fucked a hot chick, everyone would have known as you would tell all your friends about your hot sexual adventure, unless you are married.

Most men don’t tell other men as they might think they might be gay and also it doesn’t seem to be worth mentioning. For the person who experienced a hot night alone at home this might have been a great experience, but for the receiver of that story it might be disgusting. Not that we don’t know that other men are masturbating. Of course we know or at least we might guess that this is the case, but heterosexual men don’t want to imagine other men masturbating. This turns them most likely off and not on.

Also men don’t tell their masturbation experiences to women as they fear to be laughed out or are seen as a loosers. Women are not interested in a masturbation stories of men either because it hardly involves them. They don’t have a role in that unless they are a porn star or a prostitute who is giving e.g.private shows. Only those two groups of women are interested in masturbation as they earn money with it, but there are further reason nobody talks about it.

The main reason nobody talks about it is not that we are an unopened society. There are thousands of porn movies out there which show all kind of sexual actions in great detail. So the openness of the society is not the issue. But unless you are a sexy chick nobody wants to imagine you masturbating as it seems to be boring to to them. There is no excitement in that for them and so we are facing the bizarre situation that everyone is doing it and nobody talks about it as masturbation only excites the men who practices it and hardly anyone else. Unless a hot chick masturbates, no man wants to know about it.

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