The naughtiest bar in Pattaya

“Please find her picture and video here”

I started at a go-go bars where I have been already. As much as I adored fucking Katy, I was happy to hit the road again. Nightlife in Pattaya was unique, and the bar I was visiting before called herself the naughtiest bar in Pattaya. I liked that bar due to several reasons. Even as I was in my forties, I was one of the youngest guests there.

The girls were friendly to everyone, but it seems to me that they were extra friendly to me due to my age. Of course they happily fuck every guests as long as he pays the bar fine. But they tried to get the relative best guy. So I felt really appreciated in this bar. Also, the shows they had were great. There was one stage where the go-go girls were dancing. I was sitting directly at the stage, and could look easily, under the skirts of the ladies, and see their panties or pussies. It was fun to watch them and have a beer. It made me feel so relaxed, and I was released of my depressions.


A girl was sitting next to me and waited that I pay her a drink. I signaled her that I would like to show her something special. When she came closer, I pointed under the skirt of the girl dancing in font of me. I shouted loudly “PUSSY”  as if I would have found something special –  like water in the desert.  The girl understood my joke and started to laugh out loudly, and also, the old guy to my other side laughed like a drunken cowboy. Only the girl dancing in front of me didn’t hear what I said, and she kept dancing. The girl sitting on my site, who wanted me to invite her for a drink, pulled up her skirt, revealed her pussy, pointed toward it, and shouted back to me “PUSSY”. After that scene, I decided that she had deserved her drink.

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