My Favourite TukTukPatrol Girls: Mai

Mai the beach girl is doing it here!

The way John picks up Mai, reminds me so much on my life here in Pattaya. You are walking around and meet a nice lady at the beach. Here in Pattaya you can find women all day long at the beach road waiting for clients. So you pick her up and bring them to your room.

John is of course very professional to bring you cute girls in a hot performance. But however great John might be, I know this business and you also need a lot of luck to find a lady like Mai, who is sexy and available for porn. However what makes Mai even more outstanding is her performance during sex.

This little slut gets so hot by riding John, like if she was racing for a trophy. She had several orgasms and her wet pussy juice can be seen on screen. Finally John adds his juice into her pussy as well. Hot stuff…

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