Filming my Wife at her Client’s Room

“Leopard-Print Asian Fuck needs creampie”

The client started to hold the back of Vanta’s head to fixate it. Automatically he pushed his hips forward as well and pushed his penis inside her mouth. He fucked her lips a while and asked her then to stand up. She should turn around and look towards the wall. She waited standing at the wall until he got a condom. He opened the aluminium foil and took out the sticky rubber.

The dude placed it over his penis and then focused on my wife again. Standing behind her with his erected penis, he reached with both hands for her underwear. With a debasing fast move he pulled the white piece of textile down her legs. He left it there and started to enter into my wife.  With one hand he held her hips and with one hand his penis, then he pushed his wiener  into Vanta’s hole.

She automatically bended down her body to make it easier for him to enter her. With her hands she was holding the wall, while he banged into her. He fucked her hard until he came.

His second term started with a long blow job on his bed. Vanta kneed between his legs and her head went up and down his dick. Several positions followed – Asian Cow girl, Missionary and a little bit doggy style sex – until he came his second time. I kept filming her showering, getting dressed again, put on some make up in the bathroom, while he prepared her money.

Before she left he handled her a bundle of bills which she happily received. She smiled as if she just got her birthday present. Then both wished themselves goodbye and she left through the hotel room door. I quickly followed.

Outside I looked into two happy eyes and heard my wive saying “I think he liked it. He was very dominant and demanding, but I could do everything he asked me to do. So he should be fine and maybe will come back.” She was biting on her lower lip as if she really wished so.

She was still excited from the evening. I asked her if she liked it and she agreed. Then she slides with one hand over her handbag, where his money was. He did come back, but that was another story.

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