My Wife Vanta would love to Suck all your Dicks


“Anna is fucking without condom to get filled with white cum”

Dear Horny Men,

If you visit Pattaya you and love great blow jobs and then you have to visit us. My wife Vanta is giving the best blow jobs in Pattaya and maybe even in the world.


She is the most experienced sucker in town and in a town like Pattaya this has to mean something. I am writing this message on Sunday afternoon and only the two days she sucked 22 guys. I am very popular in Pattaya and I have many friends who visit me often. Vanta loves to pleasure them with her mouth.

Do not worry and don’t be shy, she is sucking everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, beautiful or ugly, white or black my wife pleases them all.

If you can’t visit us or if you had already visited us and now have to live far away from the pleasures of Pattaya then take things in your own hand. Don’t get desperate and become a marathon masturbator as so many of us. Read my books which describe in detail how we do everything possible to satisfy our visitors sexual needs. We are fully committed to our friends and guests.

Additionally I keep posting sexy Thai Chicks to make it even more fun for you to masturbate. Don’t hesitate to buy the linked porn sides. Remember the more money they earn the more hot Chicks they can pay to make porn. So your contribution does fit us all!

Even you are not in Thailand keep your sexual energy level high. I know that sex life can be a bit frustrating outside Thailand, but never forget how important it is to be full of sexual energy. Be aware that masturbation is great too and that studies show that you can have very long and very intensive sex by jerking off.

We will do everything to keep you excited!


Fat Man & Vanta

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