Prostitutes are cheaper than wives… unless you change something (1/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

I hear that quiet often from men, that having prostitutes is in the end cheaper than marring a woman (read here). This is true and normal, yet doesn’t have to be like that. This thought is coming from a time where marriage was sold to men with the argument that then sex would be free. So the principal logic is to marry a woman and therefore you will have free sex. This is BS, but many men still believe this directly or indirectly.

Of course if you add on all the costs that a wife creates she is more expensive than a prostitute. If you plan to have children the marriage will get even by far more expensive. And probably you will end up anyway sooner or later paying for prostitutes. So you have to pay for both, a wife and prostitutes.

But for me the entire way to think about this topic is wrong. Of course you shouldn’t marry someone for having free sex. The main reason to marry is to have a family, which is a great thing. Children are great and you will need a wife for them. That’s the way it is. If you don’t want to have kids and still want to marry, you really need to be sure that you want to spend your life with that women. Otherwise don’t marry.

This is different in case you have children, because children will stay with you forever in one way or the other. You get rip of women easily, but with children this is not working. So if you want to go this way you are doomed anyway. However children make your life more valuable. Independently if a man is very rich or very poor, children a massive life changer for everyone.

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