What is mongering about?

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

As I heard from most of the men I talked to who came to Pattaya to fulfil their sexual phantasies. For some reason they all believed that they couldn’t fulfil their sexual phantasies in their home country or that they had particular fantasies they couldn’t fulfil there. So they flew to Pattaya, had sex with my girlfriend, or with one of the estimated 50.000 other prostitutes in this city and then they happily retuned to their home countries.

There they explained to me, most of them had a boring life, many complained about the monotony of their job and many also complained about the monotony of their marriages. Most men above 40 complained that women wouldn’t recognise them anymore and would look through them. They didn’t existed anymore for them even they where unmarried and even they had money.

Many of the clients of my girlfriend were actually very successful and hardly one of them was someone I would call a looser. They were the ordinary man that worked, fulfilled their responsibility for their family, their company and their society and did everything to keep things running. Nevertheless most of them felt burned out, exhausted and disappointed about the things they spend all their energy on.

Somehow their perfect world didn’t satisfy them. But Pattaya did satisfy them, at least most of them and many of them returned frequently. So what did they found in a city that was built by mongers for one purpose only? They were looking for the same sexual energy to heal them, that also healed my depression. The energy that makes them love their life again. The energy they couldn’t get in their home counties, because they were too old, too ugly, too strange or to bring it to point, they were not perfect enough for their perfect world they were living in.

Even that were exactly those men who kept this perfect work running. But their perfect world was just a dream, as their is nothing perfect on this planet and so they came to Pattaya to find the part that was missing in their fake perfect world.

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