My Wife loves Sex Tourists (2/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

My wife knows that men want to have many women and she will keep in touch with the guy. She might call him, visit him again or invite him to our room. She has pictures of many of her girl friends on her phone, which she can present to her client. Normally they are interested and so we can stay in touch for more business.

It is not true that sex tourism is dirty. At least it doesn’t has to be. There might be places where things go wrong, but when I see the business my wife and her girlfriends do with the sex tourists, I have to say that everything is clean. For my wife sex tourists mean business and she can make good money with them. The same is true for her girlfriends. Many of them have a normal job or work as house wife.

Prostitution enables them to earn good money in a short time and this only is possible due to the sex tourists. Without them all those women would lack their additional income. My wife and her girlfriends love their sex work and like to have sex with the tourists. Of course it is not always an easy job, but therefore it pays well.

Especially older men above 40 are often treated badly by the women in their country. They often face problems to attract younger attractive women there. However also for an older man it is important to have sex with attractive women. A man needs this to feel like a man and the hotter the chick is, the more he can feel like a man.

It is normal for men to have desires to sleep with many different women. This is just part of their nature. They were programmed by mother nature to spread their sperms in as many pussies as possible. So it is simply part of their nature to fuck as many women they can when they come to Pattaya.

Vanta and I understand this and try to do our best to help those men. I am 100% committed and also offer my own wife to those men. I know that they want to have her too and it is O.K. to have this desire.

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