My Wife loves Sex Tourists (1/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

Vanta loves tourists who visit Pattaya to buy sex. We could move to a house or a more quiet apartment complex, but my wife likes to live at a hotel where many sex tourists are.

Many foreigners travel  from far away to Pattaya to experience hot, sexy and beautiful Asian women. My wife Vanta is such a chick and she is thrilled to meet a man who traveled half the globe just to meet a chick like her. Those men arrive with a head filled with sexual desires and phantasies. When those men see my wife they get thrilled and want to start to realise their dreams as soon as possible.

Sometimes she is waiting in the lobby for new hotel guests to arrive. She loves to meet with fresh guys, who just arrived in Thailand. They have big wet eyes, filled with a lot of desire. The guys often spot her sitting in the hotel lobby and start an eye contact with her. They were traveling for hours and wait to experience the Pattaya life.

Either Vanta directly follows them to their room together with the bell boy, or she waits a few moments and goes to the room of the new hotel guest. Many men react surprised when they open the door and see the women from the lobby. Vanta just asks them if she might enter their room. She hardly gets denied.

Once in the room they talk, she might give the man a nice massage and then they fuck. This is why the man came to Pattaya and he should get what he wants. Most men worked hard to afford a decent vacation with plenty of beautiful pussies. Their dreams should come true.

My wife likes to take care their needs, also if they want to have a different girl. Most men come to Pattaya to have sex with as many different women as possible. Of course it happens that a tourist gets attached to one special girl, but usually they want variety.

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