Sick Bastard: Lake Fishing with Vanta (3/3)

Listen to: Sick Bastard: Lake Fishing with Vanta (3/3)

Vanta did as she was told and walked naked and full of mud and dirty back to the small camp, took some cans of beer, and distributed them. I helped her. First to the boss Sick Bastards and then to his friends. We knew by now where they were hiding next to the lake. Surprisingly we found out that the men really had caught some fish. I made pictures of the men holding the fish. Together we sat on the jungle floor drunk beer and once the first guy had recovered and was hard again, the fucking started again. Everybody sweat like a pig. The heat and the beer made the sweat run down the body. Vanta looked worse, however, the dirty look turned the guys on. They drank beer with her, talked to her and suddenly were hard again. Then they took Vanta. Independently how dirty my wife was, fucking was never a problem. Loud moaning occurred, I made my shots, and soon another used condom was thrown into the plastic bag.

After hours, y wife was too exhausted. She rested at the camp. One by one the men came back to the camp as well. They were carrying the fishes they caught. They sat down next to Vanta on a plastic chair. I gave Sick Bastard the plastic bag with condoms. He looked inside and was fascinated. A lot of cum was collected. But before he covered my wife in all that cum, he wanted to film how I had sex with her. So I was sitting on a plastic chair, getting sucked by my wife, while all the other men watched us. Sick Bastard told me to shoot inside her pussy. Vanta was riding me on the chair and afterward, I fucked her from behind, while she bent love the chair. I pumped all my cum into her pussy and Vanta immediately sat down on the chair. She was too exhausted to stand longer. Sick Bastard jumped to her and kneed in front of the chair. He spread her legs and fingered inside her pussy for my cum. He squeezed out every drop of my cum and distributed it on Vanta’s pussy.

Then he took the cummy plastic bag and distributed the cum juice over Vanta’s body. First, he poured cum over her hair, so that small rivers of cum formed and ran over her face. The cum also dropped down on her breasts. He placed used condoms on her head and around her ears so that they looked like earrings. Vanta looked horrifying. The dirt, the mud, and now the white cum. This was Sick Bastard’s piece of art. Once he was satisfied he made his trophy pictures. Once he was done, he ordered his men to throw Vanta into the lake. The water was muddy as well, but for Vanta, any water was an improvement. She washed and returned to the camp, where everything was already ready to return to Pattaya.

Back in Pattaya, my wife spend hours in the bathroom to wash and do all the beauty staff she could. When she was done I asked her if she liked it. She just said that it was disgusting for her, but also very exciting. All the penises that had to please, the jungle, the mud, and the cum made her exciting. She let go and had several orgasms. We slept a while, however soon she woke me up. She had to think about the lake all the time and that made her horny again. She blew me and we fucked. We slept, she woke me up again and we fucked one more time. We slept again and were woken up by the door belt.

I opened the door and let one of my wife’s clients in. She happily took over and took care of him. I joined them for a while on the couch. Vanta was still high on sexual energy and as soon her client paid for sex, she served him. I left for the sleeping room as I wasn’t to edit the porn material I made at the lake as soon as possible. From the bedroom, I could watch them anyway doing it. Our normal Pattaya life was back again.

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