Ron’s Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels

Dear Friends,

I am often asked what is important to consider, to plan a trip to Pattaya. I can answer those questions in a complicated way or in a simple way. As I don’t like complicated things, so I will only give you the short answer:

Book your guest-friendly hotel in Pattaya with Ron!

Your guest-friendly hotel in Pattaya will be the single most important thing, for your stay in Pattaya. You will spend most of the time at your hotel while you stay in Pattaya. Additionally, a molt of fun should happen there too!

You don’t want to have issues with your hotel and definitely no additional charges for joiners.

The hotels at Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels were checked by Ron and depending on your budget you can trust them.

His hotels are the Best Guest Friendly Hotels of Pattaya. Ron is walking the extra mile to satisfy.

But there is more!

Besides the right hotel, you need a friend who helps you a bit. An experienced guy who knows why you are in Pattaya and what are you looking for.

Ron is such a guy. He is walking in your shoes. For many years Ron is traveling to Pattaya. He knows the right places, he knows the right places and he knows even many beautiful ladies himself.

Ron loves to help men have a great time in Pattaya. His consultancy is excellent!

Nobody else offers this service.


Visit him here:

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