W (4/5)

Rosie turned to me and whispered to me, “He wants to fuck me too?” Probably she was not sure if it was O.K. with me. I just replied that it is none of my business, and only her decision what she was doing. She laughed in a mixture of surprise and too much alcohol, before she went to John and talked to him. I couldn’t follow the talk, even though they were sitting next to me. It was simply too much for me. I heard that they talked about money, and I heard “100 US$” repeating by both of them. I thought that they had an agreement, which was confirmed as John reached for his wallet, and handled over some bills to Rosie.

I was shocked when I saw that John’s behavior totally changed. From being shy like a teenager at his first date, he was dominating now, like a general in a battle. He took Rosie like a cow that he just bought at the market. Rosie was following, and I had no idea what she thought. He sat on the bed, and got his penis in place for a blow job. He just took Rosie, and pulled her closer. Just like a hooker he bought, and who he could command like he wishes. Rosie was going on her knees, without any resistance, and John didn’t give her any chance; he took her head, and simply pulled it on his dick. Rosie was sucking John, but in a different way than she blew me. John was guiding her exactly, how to go up and down. He was totally controlling her, and she didn’t mind, as she sucked him like a bitch.

I liked to watch, and I liked to jerk. The scene, in front of me, was great. Rosie was kneeing in front of John, her back was naked, and looked just beautiful. She was a gorgeous young lady. Her skirt was moved up by me before, and was hanging around her tail, which was looking very sexy. She still wore her underwear – a black G-string. John stopped commanding Rosie. He let go off moving Rosie’s head, up and down, to suck his dick. Instead, he was just sitting, relaxed on the bed, and closed his eyes. You don’t need to command her anyway. She does it the right way; I thought to myself, and realized that watching my wife serving another man sexually, was not that bad than I thought it to be. I always thought it to be bad and horrifying. But, it was natural, and marked by high excitement.  I jerked my penis and it felt so good.

Watching my wife, with another man, was much more personal than watching another couple or porn. It deeply touched me. Now, Rosie stopped, stood up, and took off her underwear. She wanted to fuck him. Bitch! Yes, she got horny by sucking his dick, and she wanted to feel his dick inside her pussy. She took the condom that John showed her before, and started opening it. For John, that’s too much to look at. He just laid back on the bed. He lost control. Quickly, the thing was on John’s penis, and now, the whore was moving her pussy in place, to let his dick inside. Ohhhhh, she made a long noise, seemed that his dick was big. Big? Even I just fucked her minutes ago? Can’t be! Anyhow, she was riding him like a horny dirty whore.

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