W (5/5)

John gets pretty passive, and is also starting to groan. But not like a whore, more than an old horse. She gave it to him, deeply and slowly. She was sitting on John’s dick, who was holding her but. Her feet are standing on the bed, and her knees are widely opened. I love this position, as you can see the inside of her legs, which are leading to her pussy. In this position, a man is just lying on the bed, get fucked, and he can watch his own penis moving in and out of her pussy. Now, John gets quiet. He stopped moving. It is too much for him. Too many things that make him overload. First, he lost control about the situation, now, he is losing control about his penis.

John is making a short loud sound and then, his muscles are getting hard. Point of no return is passed. Now, his sound is changing, from loud and short, to a long relaxing ohhh, that became less and less loud at the end.  Then his muscles were loosening. How about Rosie? She didn’t come, but I guess she was pretty wet. I could see that she liked it.

Wet in her pussy? I suddenly got a bad idea. Did he come inside her? Why didn’t she pull his dick out before he came? The bitch wanted him to come inside her. Now, she is falling to the side on the bed. I looked at John’s penis, and realized that the condom is in place.

I take a piss. Give the couple a few seconds to relax. When I am opening the bathroom door after I finished my business, Rosie is already waiting in the front of the door. Wow, she cooled down pretty quickly. It seemed that she is realizing slowly, what she did. At least she seemed to look a little bit nervous. At least she didn’t look into my eyes when I left the bathroom. How is John? He was still on his bed, and looked like a different person – tired without any energy. Fucked up! I don’t think there will be any more action now. Let’s get on the way and leave. Maybe we can meet later again?

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