When my wife is mad with me, she is getting an evil bitch!

“Phueng is riding dick like an angel”

Women are emotional. Every man and even more every husband can tell a story about his wife getting mad with him. Emotions go high and a fight starts. However when Vanta is mad with me she is becoming an even bitch.

In this situation she tries to hurt me. So she turns from a nice girl to a primitive whore. Well, yes of coarse. I know what you think. My wife is a whore all the time. This is true, but normally she is a nice lady that takes care about the sexual needs of our guests. She sucks their dicks and if they want more, she is happily open her legs for them.

But if she is mad she gets dirty and aggressive . She starts to call other guests of our hotel and asks them if they are interested in sex. I can feel then, that she desperately wants to leave the apartment and get in touch with another man. Not that I mind and she knows that, but then she doesn’t stop fucking 1-2 customers. Once she is done with a guy, she goes on and rings at his neighbours door.

As our apartment is part of a hotel with many sex tourists, it is easy for her to find new customers quickly. She looks hot, sexy and is very easily available. Actually the guy just has to open the door and let her in. Maybe they have a drink from the mini bar first or they fuck right away.

After she was fucked by a couple of guys she gets sex drunken. Yes, I don’t mean drunken like you get with alcohol. Sex drunken means that her small body is full of sexual energy and that she got high on it. So she keeps on going knocking at the next door.

For the men who opens the door she looks extra hot. Her eyes are glassy and her look is that of passion. The cloth is slutty and unorganised, as she just got quickly dressed after the last guy fucked her. Which monger would send her away like this.

In a situation like this I guess she has sex with more then 10 men in row. Often she is only returning the next morning, fully out of energy, but with a full wallet.

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