I enjoyed my nightly masturbation session

“Please find her picture and video here”

I slept badly, only for a few hours. When I woke up, she was lying next to me on her belly. I watched her and without realizing it, my hand went to my dick and massaged him. He quickly got hard. I felt disgusted about myself.

I remembered how I treated her before I went to bed. How I fucked her face and called her dirty bitch. But I was hard again. I removed the blanket, so I could enjoy her entire body, while I masturbated. Then I touched her body and focused on her pussy. Vanta was only wearing a slip. She didn’t wake up and kept sleeping. I was on fire. I lifted her slip a bit, so my finger could reach her pussy. In this way, I didn’t have to remove her slip. I worried she would have waked up. However, my finger could touch her pussy easily and I enjoyed my nightly masturbation session.

Suddenly her legs started to spread. She did it herself. I stopped everything as I was confused what happened. ”Why don’t you fuck me like a real man, Fat Man?” she said and there was the laughing again that was meant to hurt. It was so embarrassing. She, who made jokes about me masturbating, caught me in the act.

But as long I am hard, nobody can hurt me. I went up to get the condoms and just said “Shut up dirty little bitch. Or I am going to fuck your mouth again.” I fucked her a while as she was lying on her belly. Her body is tiny and my dick long, so I could get into her. It was a fuck without love, but with a lot of fire. It took a while till I could come and I was too heavy for little Vanta. I had to lay my belly on her back while I fucked her. Once I was done, I just took of the condom and threw it in the direction of the trash bin. She was still wearing her slip and after I pulled out my dick, he covered her pussy again. It must have looked disgusting, as a fat guy fucked this tiny sexy young woman. But I liked it and once I was done, I could sleep really well.

When I woke up, Vanta was gone already. She left a note saying, ”Good Bye Fat Man”.

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