William made pictures of Vanta

“I like Anna’s doggy style picture and how the guy is jerking off his cum on her belly”

Willy brought Vanta to his hotel as he wanted to make some pictures with her. But by making the pictures, he got horny and asked to fuck her. She stayed that night. But on the next day, he told Fred how difficult it was to get into her. I was really hard hearing the story of Vanta and William. What kind of pictures was William making with Vanta at his hotel? I wanted to keep the discussion going on and so I played stupid and asked if Vanta had enough sex and if that’s why her pussy was so small. Fred laughed and replied that this can’t be the reason. “She is Asian and you are Westerner,” he replied. At the beginning, a Western-Asian couple often has this problem. Vanta is still very young – only eighteen. As far he knows, Vanta only met with Asian guys so far.

Vanta also told him that my dick seemed bigger than those of the guys she had before.- maybe besides William. I got shocked, Vanta talked about my dick to him. I asked further what she told him and how much Fred actually knew. But Fred played cool and just said that he had a short chat with her, before he called me. I was excited and was so surprised that my night with Vanta was such a big deal. So I asked Fed very directly why Vanta does not like to suck?

Now Fred was surprised and replied that he didn’t know this. But he seems to be shocked in a way. I almost forgot to ask about the pictures, but when I raised up the next question “What pictures did William make with Vanta?” Fred laughed again and just asked what I might do this evening. I didn’t have plans, so I agreed to meet them after dinner.

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