My Favourite TukTukPatrolGirls: Jay

Jay is a student who is selling sex. See it here! 

It is because of girls like Jay why I adore the work of John. He is very experienced in finding women who want to play in his porn movies. As those movies are also published on his websites, it needs a lot of experience to be successful.

Especially with ladies like Jay, who are shy and don’t even speak english. To get such women performing in front of the camera is difficult and still so rewarding. The good thing is that John is doing the hard work for us, so we can just lay back and enjoy the sex with a beautiful Thai student.

I met many women like Jay in Pattaya, who were actually studying and made cash by selling sex. Of course I helped them and took them home. Some were also fine with letting me record the sex. But only after I promised them to publish it.

John did a great job here and we can enjoy his work he did with Jay. So we can happily remember other girl like her that we had.

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