Whore Wife Investments – Luxury Handbags and Ex-Boyfriends

“Brought to you by: Thai Girls Wild”

Every women loves them and every men hates them – luxury handbags. What is for her a status symbol and a way to look great is for him a pain in the ass as he has to pay for them. But why don’t you turn this situation in a win-win situation? For sure there is another sponsor for your wife’s expensive fashion.

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Blow Job Bar (2/2)

“Brought to you by: LBFM”

Some of them only wanted to handle over their porn material when I would pixel their faces other didn’t mind to show them as well. As I still had to edit most of the material I got very quickly very busy editing those movies. As we also produced tons of material at the bar itself I run into difficulties to catch up with editing. So a large amount of images and movies increasingly were on the waiting list to be edited.

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Blow Job Bar (1/2)

“Brought to you by: LBFM”

The idea of turning my studio apartment into a blow job bar was developed by William, Vanta and me. However it was most of all William who organised it. Fanta was very much thrilled by the idea of running a bar, as she always dreamed to do so. She was good looking and knew what to do with the men once they were at the bar. We all were sure that she wouldn’t disappoint our guests once they wee here. Nevertheless they first had to come.

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Fat Man in Asia – Filming Sex

Part 11


More and more clients come to Fat Man’s Bar and some want more than oral sex. As they watch the porn movies Fat Man edited, they want to become a part of those movies too.
Fat Man in Asia – Filming Sex is describing how Fat Man is filming his visitors as they have sex with his girlfriend. This is supporting Vanta to entertain her guests and gives Fat Man great excitement.


Fat Man in Asia – Backdoor Pleasures

Part 10


Fat Man’s Bar develops very well and Vanta gets many new clients. However one of them wants more and is introducing anal pleasures. Fat Man studies his girlfriend with her client and gains exciting experiences.

Fat Man in Asia – Backdoor Pleasures is an erotic short story that describes how Fat Man’s Bar develops and how Vanta is trying out anal sex.


Fat Man in Asia – Blow Job Bar

Part 9

Fat Man, Vanta and William have a great idea! Together they want to build up a blow job bar. Fat Man is very surprised how fast the transformation of his apartment into a bar takes place.

Fat Man in Asia – Blow Job Bar is an erotic short story that describes how Fat Man’s Bar started. From the idea to the first customers it explains how everything developed.


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