My wives greatest passion

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My wife is from Thailand. She is coming from a family that originated in Pattatta. Not the Pattaya  you heard about, a city full of sex workers that are attracting hundred of thousands of sex tourists each year. But from the little fishing village that Pattaya was before the Vietnam war started. Vanta how my wife is called, grew up in Pattaya as the daughter of a failed marriage. Her mother was divorced and her father was living separated in Bangkok.

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The Favourite Place for my Wife to pick up clients

Vanta loves discotheques. She always tries to bring her clients there or meet them at the dance floor.  Every week she spends 2-3 evenings at one of Pattaya discotheques. Often she got an appointment with of of our friends who want to bring her out, or with one of the sex tourists that live in our complex. Nowadays she is well connected and easily finds a man who invites her for a disco night. Sometimes however she is still going alone or with one of her girl friends.

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Pattaya Beach Road

The Pattaya Beach Road or Beach Promenade is a great place to pick up freelancer. Every woman  that needs money can simply stand there and sell sex. Every evening dozens of women stand there and wait to get picked up by a sex tourist. You can walk the road up and down and search it for a woman that you like. If your hotel or apartment is close by you can bring her there or you can visit one of the short time hotels close by.

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