Sexual Intelligence is killing Sexual Frustration

“Check out what little Zen is wearing under her skirt, before she sucks a big white dick”

I had many guests who arrived at my bar deeply hurt and crippled by the believes they were given in their world. They were scared to death, not to get loved and to be rejected. I showed them that this is all bullshit and it’s bad for them. Learn how to love yourself and fuck some cool pussies. That was my message. After my wife sucked them empty, I or my body William helped them to fulfil their dreams. Most of them wanted to fuck as many different beautiful women as possible. This includes that with modern medicine you can fuck more, longer and harder. Many of them also wanted to do a perverse sex act with my wife. Some liked to bondage her, many liked to insult her and other did a gang bang.

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Why Mother nature is a Bitch!

“See Khai in her blue panty, before she sucks and fucks” 

It simply doesn’t matter to mother nature how you get a woman to spread her legs and let you slide into her. She just wants you to do it. That’s your only purpose as a man for her. You have to wake up and understand her message. You might think bad about me because I called the holly mother nature a bitch, but you are wrong. She is a bitch and she is right to be so. Because in the game of surviving on this planet you have to pass on your gens to a new generation. You are not in charge here. Mother nature is playing the music.

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Let your Ego Die. Develop Sexual Intelligence!

“What is Mitch waiting for? Why is she sitting on the bed? Guess what :-)!”

End the believe that you have to play a game where a few men take all the women. Surrender and let your ego die. Because it brings you down and kills your real you. Your ego wants to own your woman, your lover or wife. But your ego wants to own all the beautiful women as well. Am I right? Your ego hates your competition. The guy who just fucked your sexy colleague you so desperately wanted to fuck yourself.

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Sexual Intelligence: Men’s Frustration

Maki likes to play with her pussy, before she sucks and fucks”

Do you want to have all beautiful women? Do you love their looks and the way they dress? Their bodies especially their legs, breasts and bellies? Then you are probably a normal man. However as a normal man you also know the pain to be rejected most of the times. Does this hurt and frustrate you? Yes it does hurt and still you can’t switch off your eyes and continue looking behind sexy women.

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