Pattaya DIY: Soi 6

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Even Soi 6 is less famous than Walking Street, many Pattaya insider prefer it. Mainly as prices are better  and it is much more relaxed. Principally Soi 6 is a street filled with Short Time Beer Bars. So bars where you can drink a beer, get entertained by a girl and where you can bring her to a room at the bar. So you don’t have to pay the bar fine, but just rent a small room on hourly bases. This is a bit cheaper then the bar fine.

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Pattaya Beach Road

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The Pattaya Beach Road or Beach Promenade is a great place to pick up freelancer. Every woman  that needs money can simply stand there and sell sex. Every evening dozens of women stand there and wait to get picked up by a sex tourist. You can walk the road up and down and search it for a woman that you like. If your hotel or apartment is close by you can bring her there or you can visit one of the short time hotels close by.

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The Beach Promenade

As soon it got dark, the Beach Promenade slowly gets filled with women. They are just standing there, but it is clear that they are offering cash for sex. So when I arrived at the Beach Promenade after the go-go bars, the road was already amazing – so many beautiful girls. They were all hookers and waited to get picked up for sex. I started to ask for the price and came to know that it was damn cheap. Between 15-20 bucks for a fuck. For 2 times fuck, they wanted 25 -30$.

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