Fat Man in Asia – About myself

“Pla is one of my favourite LBFM. Click here to watch her.”

I arrived at Pattaya as a sick man, not as you might think as a sexual sick man, but as a deeply hurt man. As I describe my life and the the reasons why I went to Pattaya in my series Fat Man in Asia, I don’t want to repeat my story here. Only so much I would like to say to help you to understand my situation.  I was suffering from a heavy depressions and coincidently found out that sex could heal my depressions. It seemed to me nothing besides sex could motivate me to go out and experience these world. Nothing less than watching women dancing in bars or paying them to have sex.

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Whore Wife!

“LBFMs like Athena are fulfilling your entire sexual needs. See how they do it…””

Can I fuck your wife now?

I called Steve as soon my penis twitched again. I couldn’t get young Katy out of my mind. Somehow, she was different than the other sluts I fucked here. She was 19 and already married – married with a guy who was much older. Steve was 38 as Fred told me.  So, double the age. But that was not the thing. I could fuck her without condom, as I did assume that she was not fucking everyone like the ordinary bitches did. But there was more. It was simply cool to call Steve and ask him if he can come with his wife. Actually I called him and asked him if I can fuck his wife now. I was already drunk when I gave him the call. But he didn’t mind. He just said he will be at my hotel in an hour – such a good boy.

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