Masturbation – Phantasies and Reality

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You may ask yourself if there are risks involved if you maturate. Hereby I won’t go into detail talking about medical risks or moral risks. I personally don’t face both of them. Neither long term masturbation had any medical impact on myself and I also put away my moral hazards a long time ago. Still both questions are individual questions that in case of the medical fitness has to be answered by a doctor and in case of the moral hazards you have to answer this by yourself.

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Why you should still know more about masturbation?

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This is leading us to the next point, why it is an advantage to know more about it. In a nutshell it is because other people might have found out greater pleasures of satisfying themselves and this is what you should know about. Self satisfaction is much more than just a 5 minutes jerk off in the shower, where nobody can see us. It is an art that guarantees great pleasures to us.

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