Marring a Bar Girl – Opening own Bar (1/2)

Dan and Pear met each other at a bar. It was the bar where Pear was working as a bar girl and where she entertained guests. Dan barfined Pear at his first visit to the bar as he was fascinated by her great look and sexy appearance. Dan used to have sex with prostitutes. Normally he varied and always picked new women for sex. We call this kind of monger butterfly, as he is flying from flower to flower.

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Why is it difficult for many Bar Girls to marry (2/2)

So for her new partner or husband working as bar girl is seen as very bad and he might even be proud to have stopped her. But for her friends and family it would be the best if she would go back and work as prostitute again. This is hard reality as a bar girl simply can earn a lot of money and so pressure is developing why she is not doing it.

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Why is it difficult for many Bar Girls to marry (1/2)

Many women who worked as prostitute try to avoid to inform their partners about their past. They fear that he might not understand her and that the truth would harm their relationship. They might have worked as bar girl for years and suddenly they met somebody who was interested in a relationship. So they avoid telling the truth and try to play the harmless partner.

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Should Cuckolds marry Bar Girls

Millions of men are developing cuckold phantasies. The trend of men becoming cuckolds is one of the fastest growing trends concerning  sexual relationships. Somehow this trend itself is surprising, however what is even more surprising is that most wives refuse to become a hot wife. While the men are normally convinced that they do their wife a favour, most wives get heavily confused by their husbands. This often leads to conflicts and even to divorces.

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Beem is looking for a Husband (Cuckolds preferred)

Beem asked me to find a proper husband for her. She is a beautiful and almost a bit shy woman who generally likes it quiet. Having said this I have to add that sexually she is a very active woman. She is working as freelancer prostitute whenever she can and could gain a lot of experience during the last years. Yet she did not want to work as a bar girl as she thinks that could ruin her.

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