Helmut: Seven Women in Three Days (3/3)

“Naam is fucked by Japanese tourist”

I immediately knew what was the issue. He wanted a different woman. This is very common and in Pattaya such men are called butterflies as they fly from flower to flower. I explained the situation to Vanta and she switched from bitching on him for her self to selling some of her girl friends to him. In deed Helmut was immediately interested.

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Helmut: Seven Women in Three Days (2/3)

“Check out how Nok serves a Japanese man”

Also he was irritated that everybody seems to know what was going on, but nobody thought it to by strange. This sexy bitch just followed him in expectation to get bought by him. And men did he want to buy that pussy. The weeks before his trip to Thailand he couldn’t think about anything else. Just about sexy bitches as the the one that was checking in with him. He actually didn’t thought that the chicks were so hot. Seeing them in real life and not in porn movies made them even look hotter.

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Helmut: Seven Women in Three Days (1/3)

“Did you know? Japanese man lave Thailand too. See how one of them is fucking Bow!”

When Helmut came to Pattaya he was desperate for sex. He is a Geman guy in his 40s and a bit out of shape. In his home country he is decreasingly approached by women which is O.K. for him as he  is focusing on his job and his family. He loves both of them and generally doesn’t mind to spend his life for company and family. But since a friend of him told him about Pattaya his dark side took over and he had to come here. Good that he met my wife…

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