Fat Man in Asia – Filming Sex

Part 11


More and more clients come to Fat Man’s Bar and some want more than oral sex. As they watch the porn movies Fat Man edited, they want to become a part of those movies too.
Fat Man in Asia – Filming Sex is describing how Fat Man is filming his visitors as they have sex with his girlfriend. This is supporting Vanta to entertain her guests and gives Fat Man great excitement.


Fat Man in Asia – Hot Wife Katy

Part 3

Vanta had to leave Pattaya and Fat Man is falling back in his valley of depressions. But Fred, a guy fashion designer, is connecting him to Katy. She is beautiful thai woman that sells her body to Fat Man.

Fat Man in Asia – Hot Wife Katy is a an erotic short story that describes how Fat Man tries to compensate the loss of Vanta, with Katy. The married women has a dark side which attracts the fat guy.


Fat Man in Asia – How I met my slutty girlfriend

Part 2

By coincidence, Fat Man is meeting Vanta, a beautiful young Thai model. He is paying her for sex and his depression improves, while he is meeting the young freelancer.

Fat Man in Asia – How I met my slutty girlfriend is an erotic short story that describes how Fat Man falls in love with Vanta. He meets William, another client of Vanta and together, they exchange their sexual experiences about the Thai hooker. But will Fat Man realize his love?


Fat Man in Asia: Backdoor Pleasures

Part 10

Fat Man’s Bar develops very well and Vanta gets many new clients. However one of them wants more and is introducing anal pleasures. Fat Man studies his girlfriend with her client and gains exciting experiences.

Fat Man in Asia – Backdoor Pleasures is an erotic short story that describes how Fat Man’s Bar develops and how Vanta is trying out anal sex.


Fat Man in Asia – Coming in Pattaya

Part 1

An overweight man has to flee from his homeland. He was deceived by his wife and his business partner. His destiny leads him to Pattaya, a sinful place in Thailand.

Fat Man in Asia – Coming in Pattaya is an erotic short story that describes Fat Man’s arrival in Pattaya. He is struggling with the memories of his past and suffers a hard depression. To gain back his strength, he is having sex with prostitutes. But will these sexual adventures cure his mind?


Slut Wife Katy

“Richelle is sucking a white dick before she rides him”

Katy is beautiful. She is a young skinny girl with a beautiful face. Fred told me that she also likes to model, but she is too short for a regular model. He sometimes uses her as a photo model, in situations where her size does not matter. Her face is very lovey and sweet and her hair is styled up. She is sitting on my couch with a white sleeveless t-shirt and a short black skirt. I asked her to spread her legs, so I can see her underwear. I love to look between her legs and focus on her black slip.

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William made pictures of Vanta


“I like Anna’s doggy style picture and how the guy is jerking off his cum on her belly”

Willy brought Vanta to his hotel as he wanted to make some pictures with her. But by making the pictures, he got horny and asked to fuck her. She stayed that night. But on the next day, he told Fred how difficult it was to get into her. I was really hard hearing the story of Vanta and William. What kind of pictures was William making with Vanta at his hotel? I wanted to keep the discussion going on and so I played stupid and asked if Vanta had enough sex and if that’s why her pussy was so small. Fred laughed and replied that this can’t be the reason. “She is Asian and you are Westerner,” he replied. At the beginning, a Western-Asian couple often has this problem. Vanta is still very young – only eighteen. As far he knows, Vanta only met with Asian guys so far.

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I met Vanta for dinner

“Aurora likes ricking cock. Click here to see her pics”

To cut a long story short, Fred the stylist, introduced me to the model next to him. She was 18 years old and called Vanta. Yes, Vanta like the soft drink, only with a “V” instead of an “F”. After some more meaningless small talk, I arranged to meet Vanta in the evening, in front of the shopping mall. Proud about myself, having arranged some fruitful looking opportunities just by having coffee, I left the strange couple.

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