Whore Wife Investments – Luxury Handbags and Ex-Boyfriends

“Brought to you by: Thai Girls Wild”

Every women loves them and every men hates them – luxury handbags. What is for her a status symbol and a way to look great is for him a pain in the ass as he has to pay for them. But why don’t you turn this situation in a win-win situation? For sure there is another sponsor for your wife’s expensive fashion.

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Accepting other men’s sexual desires and profit from them – Example (2/2)

He realised what was going on when the salesman called her the next day. They discussed the initial day Joe wanted the couch to be delivered. It was again this exciting chat among two people who desire each other that turned Joe on. When his wife told him that there would be a problem to deliver the sofa on a weekend Joe was not surprised. He knew that all this was bullshit. His wife and the salesman wanted to deliver the couch when Joe was not at home.

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Bar Girl Consultant – Asian Wife with Debt Problems


Rosie and Christoph met in Hong Kong. He was from Switzerland, and worked as a simple employee in a company. He met Rosie, who was coming from The Philippines, in a bar, and they both fell in love with each other.
Even though she worked as a prostitute, she always tried to find a man who would marry her. For her, it was great luck that she met with Christoph at a bar, and she stopped working as a hooker after a while. Christopher knew something about her sex business and accepted it, as long she would stop it. However, their relationship developed increasingly problems.


Bar Girl Consultant – Why a Western Man Married a Bali Hooker

Part 2

Thomas was a good friend of mine, who had taken a different path than most other men. He became unhappy with the so called normal way – the way most other men took. But his destiny led him on a new path. Hereby, you will see that the path he took was not an easy one, but an exciting one. He fell in love with a hooker he met on Bali. He knew me through my publications, and contacted me, as he had many questions on how to deal with the problems in his relationship.

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