Mongering is not about Cheap Sex

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Soon I found out why all of those mongers where here. Sex was an important part of it, yet it was not all. They could have sex in their home counties as well. Sometimes I hear the theory that they come to Pattaya because the prostitutes are cheaper. Even this might be true, the mongers don’t come here because of cheap sex.

If you sum up all the costs of flights, hotel etc. they spend more than if they would have bought sex from prostitutes in Europe or America. Mongers also don’t always go cheap. Some do, however a large part of them spend their money on high class hotels, restaurants, bars and women.

Cheap prices makes their parties better and makes them worry less to get out of control in spending for their pleasures. However that is not why they are here. I think the argument of cheap prices for hooker is mainly made by socialists who wanted to support their argument that Third World Countries are exploited by the rich countries. I also don’t want to go deeper here, but as I explained before prostitution is helping them to attract sex tourists and sexpats, who both spend a their money. So even prostitution definitely also creates social damage in those counties, economically it helps them.

So as described before the reason why mongers travel in millions to South East Asia is not only sex and not cheap sex. Yes of course it has to do with sex, but why can’t those men have this sex at home. Why do they spend money on flight tickets etc.? There must be something in South East Asia that they don’t find at home.

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