Black American Soldiers

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TrikePatrol”

Among the American soldiers were as well many blacks. Those guys were always horny. They were the ones who focused less on the beer and more on Da. It was easy to seduce them. She just had to asked if they want a massage or if she could come to their room. They understood what was going on and just asked for the price. They liked cheap prices and were more work. They simply were more meaty than the other soldiers.

If a mixed group of black and white soldiers came to her mothers restaurant, usually the black guys were the first to end up in the massage room. Also not all white guys wanted sex, but most of the black guys did. So with mixed groups she had to do more blacks than whites.

With entire black groups she was very busy and often those blacks turned the massage room into a dirty brothel. Once they knew that the massage scheme was just a cover up (and they learned fast) they just took her to the room. They were not interested in her massage, but just took her the way they wanted. Just as a hooker that was there for their fun. Sometimes two guys took her and fucked her in the massage room. They would also have gang banged her, but the room was simply too small.

So what often happened with black groups was that while one was fucking Da in the massage room, others simply stood at the door and watched them. Da sometimes couldn’t leave the room for a long time because as soon one guy was done, the next guy came to fuck her. When they left the door open for their friends to watch, Da’s mother also got to watch what they did with her daughter. But she din’t really cared, as long the business was good.

While Black men were exhausting for Da she never hesitated for the hard work. She liked blacks as they were so easy to get interested in sex. If she went to the hotel room with an African American soldier, she could often get to know his friends who were also interested in sex. So she could do more guys a night. It was easy for her even she hardly spoke english.

She simply asked the black friends of her black client “Do you want fuck” or ” I am horny” and often the guy just took her like that. With her heavy Thai accent the soldiers had difficulties to understand her. But they knew the game. She always thought that they have vey little strength in resisting her. Even if a black guy said no, she sometimes just waited and stood next to him. Sooner or later they got horny and wanted her. She learned to handle their big black dicks and even they exhausted her a lot, she approached black soldiers whenever she saw one.

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